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"hands"~ PhotoHunt


Close up of the...

Clock Tower in Bergamo Città Alta (Italy)

Alessandria (Italy) ~ Town Hall (Red Palace)

Modena (Italy) ~ Town Hall Clock Tower

Mondovì (Italy) ~ Torre Civica al Belvedere

Zürich (Switzerland) ~ St Peter's Church Clock Tower (largest clock face in Europe)

Close up of the...

Kawaiaha'o Church Clock Tower in Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii)

**Planned this post a week ago. I have climbed many clock towers (will do a post on this one of these days) but have not climbed any of the clock towers in this post. They were either closed when I was there or not available for climbing.

Comments (27)

THose are fine hands! Happy weekend

Great post and a wonderful collection of images! I love the ornate hands in the Bergamo one. Didn't know that Zurich had the biggest. This is such a great thing to collect (climbs and photos!).

My Heels sure looked good last night! Next game is Sunday afternoon and if they win that (knock on wood), they'll be in the Final Four. Woo Hoo! I'm feeling cautiously optimistic!

Have a great weekend!


Wow, beautiful photos. I don't think I can pick a favorite set of hands though, they are all wonderful.


Impressive! I just love clocks, and these are amazing! I love the red building.
My Photo Hunt is up! I hope you get a chance to visit me, too.


Happy weekend!


Clever take on the theme and great shots!!!
http://maremag.blogspot.com/2009/03/h-n-d-s.html Mine is up!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Have a great weekend!


Cool photos of all of those Hands of time. :)

Lovely architecture and enhance by those wonderful clocks. Nice take.

Great collection of the hands of time!

What a beautiful sequence of fabulous clock towers. Great take on the theme.

barb cabot:

Very very clever take on this theme.


How did you know you would need all these clock pictures someday? I bet they carry nice memories for you! I love your clock pictures. You seem to have a knack for theme work in your photography.

Ahhhh . . . the hands of time. Nice shots!

Very clever way to present your hands photohunt, girasoli. I love your photos and presentations.

Cool idea, the hands of a clock. I didn't even think about that one. Great pictures.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, great collection of clocks from your travels! It's so cool how the one in Modena shows both the 12 and 24 hour clocks! I had a similar take on this week's theme but could only remember one clock photo that I took. You have an awesome collection.

Have a great weekend!

Wonderful post for this week. :)

Great take on the topic - wonderful collections too...have a good one, menehune

I can't imagine life without those hands..not knowing the time of the day...*gulpz*

Lovely clock towers. I like your first picture with the hands of time best. So delicate!


So clever!

I love your wonderful collection of clock images! They are all beautiful. The clock in Mondovi is kind of funky looking. It looks a bit too modern for the tower and a bit off scale.


I love your take on "hands" - very creative thinking there.


A wonderful collection of clocktowers! I especially love the clock in Bergamo, very striking.

I also like the look of the new "gelato" widget on your sidebar....9 weeks until my trip, I'll soon be counting the days!

Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of your kind comments :)

Jane, I love clock towers and clock faces. I usually take at least one photo of each clock tower I encounter. I did not take any of them knowing I would need them for this PhotoHunt post. PhotoHunt has made me look at many of my photos in new ways.

Kathy, I did not notice that til you pointed it out! I really loved your clock face.

María, I really wanted to climb that tower but unfortunately the tower was closed the day I visited Mondovì. The clock face reminded me of something for the visually impaired with its big numbers and hands!

sandra, glad you like my widget. I couldn't decide on which city to display, so went with gelato this time since I am also counting down the days until my first Italian gelato (and espresso)!


You have such an amazing way of grouping photos together. I love this bunch, and your choice of hands.


Hi dana, thanks so much for your kind comment. This was one of the easier PhotoHunts for me. I love clock towers. I am glad you enjoyed the photos I chose.

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