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"space"~ PhotoHunt


Crowded Space:


Empty Space:


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The empty space is sooo welcoming unlike the crowded one. Nice take. happy weekend!

Wow such beautiul beaches! Happy weekend


Wow, great pictures! Land, sea, sky, the vastness of space.

Brilliant shots! Even though I don't generally like beaches I think I might some time here! LOL


I much prefer the empty space...though once in a while being among people is fun too.

These are beautiful photos for the "space" theme. i love the last two photos best. :)


Neat take on the prompt, and beautiful photos. Where were they taken?

Beautiful photos - love the contrast!


I love the contrasts between your shots..
The last shot of the beach is awesome - I would love to spend time there!

Thank you so much for your words on my hunt! :)
I wish you a happy weekend :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, wow what a contrast. I love your take on the theme and these are some amazing photos. The colors are so rich! What beach are the second two photos?

Have a great weekend!


Mmmmmm - I would like to go for a walk on the empty space. So peaceful and beautiful!

Have a nice day :)


Beautiful photos. I wish I were there.... even crowded but would prefer empty. :)

Nice photos. I'll take the empty space over the crowded space anyday!

Beautiful beach photos ... I live near the ocean and love it ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Whether it's crowded or empty I love the beach. Very nice

Gorgeous photos! I'll take either one just to be at the beach. This islander doesn’t like being landlocked!

Have a great weekend!

Great photos, girasoli.
I love the empty spaces:)

Great take on the prompt. I like contrasting the crowded with empty.

Thanks everyone!!

Amy, the first two were taken in Waikiki, down by Kapiolani Park across from the Zoo area (first photo almost looks like a zoo!). The second two were taken in the North Shore of Oahu. The first at a beach between Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach and the second at Waialua Beach Park.

Spectacular beaches... What I wouldn't give to be on one right now...

Touche! Love your interpretation ... The first time I visited Waikiki Beach, I thought -- This is Hawaii??? But then I visited Sunset Beach .. THIS is paradise. But Duke's is a fun place at the beach, no? You have a nice way of capturing the essence of the peacefulness of Hawaii. Mahalo. Have a great weekend, Menehune

I am very seriously jealous of your lifestyle!

Great shots for the theme. I love empty beaches and you photographed that so well. Also good shots with people but I'm partial to long sandy beaches with few people.

Crowded or non-crowded, the beach is always inviting!! :)


Great take on this theme. I love beach photos. The Beach is my very favorite place on earth!

I also prefer the non-crowded beaches over the crowded beaches but there are times now and then when a crowded beach still fits the bill. Thanks again everyone for your comments. I am spoiled here and I know it. I often take this beautiful place for granted. My photos are a great way of reminding me of the beauty here and how lucky I am when I forget or get wrapped up in every day life issues.

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