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tips on packing light

I saw this YouTube video on the blog Ciao Amalfi! yesterday. It reminded me of Chiocciola's recent Packing: Can I do the tiny suitcase? blog post. I am in awe of anyone who can pack light. I would say I am more of a *medium* packer. I doubt I will ever pack as lightly as Mr. Bean illustrates below. How about you?

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barb cabot:

This is hysterical! Thanks for a great laugh and a lesson on packing. I'm sending this to my husband is always a light traveller and has been trying to convert me for years. I'm a medium like you. Have a great weekend.

Funny! I'm all for disposable clothes. I have a sister (expert traveler) who lays out everything she thinks she'll need to pack on a bed for a week prior to leaving and once a day eliminates one piece of clothing. It always works for her. Me? I just add more .... Ty and I watched people with carryons on our DC flight. The gate person took the carryon from them and told them it would be 'valeted' for them. We figured that was their smart way of getting out of paying $15 for the first bag of luggage! A friend had her husband finish packing for her - she ended up with two right footed shoes. Happy Packing! menehune

Pack light?
I did that once.
I wore the same 2 pairs of pants and 4 tops for nearly 2 weeks and then went and bought some NEW clothes, because I was so sick of wearing the same old-same old.
So, not for me, packing light.
Packing whatever I want to take works, as I think of it this way..I only have to struggle a few times with luggage and usually there are kind people to help me. From the car to the airport, from the airport to the taxi, from the taxi to my apartment...not too bad!
Thanks for posting the video!

Hilarious! NOW I know how to get everything in my small suitcase! Just cut the pant legs off! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, this was hysterical! I was LOL'ing throughout the clip. How did you find this video! There were many funny moments but the cutting of the pants only to pick up his shorts was so funny... and then putting the bar of soap on top of his "one and only" unmentionable was just hilarious! Thanks so much for this laugh this morning. I think I may have to watch this again it was so funny!

As for my style, I'm a medium packer also!

Mr. Bean is always so silly-funny. My nieces and nephews never tire of watching him.

I used to be a heavy packer and then moved to a medium packer six years ago. On my last trip I was able to manage with a 19" and a 17” carry-on rollie. I found this to be a great combination since it is much easier to handle two smallish bags than a big heavy one.

Very funny. I think I have seen this long time ago. I love Mr Bean:)

I don't think I can pack as light as he does though, even if I only take one shoe from each pair of shoes I am taking, it will still be a lot, if I can only cut down on shoes I pack, I think I will be an okay packer.

But I too, I like to think that I am a medium packer, definitely not light, but I don't think I am that heavy either.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the video :)

Barb, I hope this helps in your defense of not packing at light as your husband would like.

menehune, I tried your sister's tactic and I also ended up adding more! I guess your friend won't have her husband help her pack any more :)

Brenda, know just what you mean. I hate having to wear the same clothes over and over again also.

Chiocciola, just make sure you don't have a matching pair of shorts first :)

Kathy, I ended up watching it a few times also. I also loved when he found the book at the end.

María, I wish we had more of this type of comedy today. A 19" and a 17” is great! I moved down to a 20" and a 22" last year.

candi, for you to move here with only 2 suitcases, that is definitely light packing!

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