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lizard outside my classroom

I took this photo yesterday of a lizard hanging out right outside my classroom . I am happy to see geckos and lizards outside. Just not on my toothbrush :)


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I like them outdoors too and never inside my home!! if possible, I catch them with a glass to bring them outside but they are normally way too quick for me!

They are kinda cute, no? I just can't look at their toes/nails/tongue ... menehune PS: Can't bear to write about the Sox right now.

Lizards are great to watch. The kids always liked trying to step on their tails. LOL they hardly ever succeeded.

Outside is the only place I'd want to see them too. The chameleons, I can tolerate. It's those clear icky geckos that freak me out! My tutu told me I used to catch them as a child. I was starting to think that the gecko was our aumakua because they seem to follow my tutu and myself (both deathly afraid of them) all over the place! I don't have to worry about them anymore here in Washington. Now it's the spiders.

Cute photo! LOL at the serial lizard/gecko killer thing.

Mar, they are so quick! I have been able to capture a few by putting a container on top and then sliding something underneath. Too many get away though.

menehune, they are cute when they are outside. I think we had a pretty good week. Wednesday night's game 5th inning was memorable and a sweep of the Blue Jays is a good thing.

Carin, we saw this lizard when returning from the bathroom. My students love to watch lizards. I was amazed at how close we could get to this one before it ran away.

Pink Monkey, spiders can be pretty creepy also. I worked in a portable classroom one year that was infested with geckos. They used to drop on me. Not fun!!!

María, I just didn't want anyone to think I was on a gecko or lizard hunt :)


Girasoli, it IS hard to imagine you as a serial gecko killer!!! Still, when they try to use your toothbrush, that's definitely crossing the line!

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