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summer has arrived

You might not believe it, but we actually do have four seasons here in Hawaii. They just are not so obvious. This year, we seemed to have skipped right over spring. We had an unseasonably cold winter (for us) which lasted through the beginning of April and now, it is HOT HOT HOT!

We have a big performance at our school this week. Every grade performs a dance outside under the hot sun for our families and VIP guests. Today we had our first all school rehearsal. Tomorrow is dress rehearsal and Thursday is the actual performance. Our kids looked like wilted flowers today.

I really am not one to complain too much about the heat but today it was HOT! I think I must be getting too old. Thankfully the dreaded vog has not returned yet. We savored the occasional breeze during our practice this morning. Weather reports keep threatening us though with the return of vog sometime this week with the current ETA for Thursday.

Because of the heat, tomorrow all of the teachers are asking the parents to send in water bottles. That should be interesting. My kids can barely carry their chairs out to the field as it is.

If only we could incorporate the beach into our school day during our hot summer months...

20 more days left until summer vacation!!!!

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girasoli, I know, it was hot today! But I am not complaining, I am loving it. You are right though, we seemed to have skipped spring. On Maui, other than the the beautiful Jacarandas up country, there were no signs of spring.
Good luck in your last school days!

It is me again,spitting cave(the one we visited on Oahu) was on the news(local) tonight. In guess a snorkeler was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. They also highlighted the many injuries and deaths that occur especially during the summer high swell. Funny, but i recognized one of the guys they interviews as the guy who jumped off the rock when we were there:)

G: Yeah, real bummer :-)
And - double whammie - Candi just HAD to mention Maui....
Wait, let me get my winter raincoat that I have yet to put away so I can get to working an office for 7 hours..........menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I hope your big school performance goes well. I'm sure that it will! Glad to hear that the VOG has finally lifted. Yippee on the 20 more days! I hope it flys by for you!

Take care!


PS: you do know I am kidding ... menehune

20 days will fly by, I bet. And I see that you are only 41 days away from Italy! That's awesome. :)

candi, I really do love hot weather. I guess it was just having to sit on that field for almost two hours with barely a breeze that got to me. Today we had a nice breeze. It was a perfect day!

I heard about the drowning but didn't pay attention to where it happened. There have been so many drownings lately. Interesting that you recognized someone.

menehune, I knew you were kidding :)

Kathy, except for one child that decided not to get out of his chair to perform, our practice went well today. A wonderful breeze surely helped. I am ready for summer!

Annie, it is exciting! I just need to take it one day at a time and focus on one task at a time to get everything done. I can't believe I am leaving for Italy in less than 6 weeks now!!


Yay, only 20 days until summer vacation!!!! I hope the vog stays away, it sounds pretty ghastly.

And just over a month until your Italian trip! I know I'm counting the days until I leave.


Yeah for only 20 days left of school!

I can't tolerate hot weather at all - it's one reason I don't live in Palm Springs anymore, so I understand what you are saying.

I hope the performance goes well and the vog stays away. I wish I was there, vog and all, instead of being landlocked in the desert with temps in the 100’s and 7% humidity.

Yay on the 20 days left in the school’s calendar and the 40 days ‘till you are back in the Belpaese. You’ll be there soon ...


OK, you made me count - 20 more days left here too! And then we're going to Alaska for a week, not quite Italy, but a vacation is a vacation. Actually, Alaska is on David's bucket list and since we went and planned this trip, I'm excited. Hope that vog stays away.


25 more days for us... but I decided to take a little break and I am flying over there (Oahu) tomorrow and join my kids and grandbabies for a few days before the end of the school year... playing hookey in a big way. :)

sandra, I am so excited for you that your trip is almost here!!! So far, the vog has been delayed...it is now supposed to return on Friday. Yay, we will be vog free for the big performance tomorrow!

nancyhol, I usually love hot weather. I sure hope this is not a permanent change for me. I am glad you were able to find a more comfortable place to live. For me, it is the cold weather I have a hard time dealing with.

María, it must be difficult being in the Arizona heat in the summer time. I really do have it great here. I guess I am just getting old and a little less tolerant of days with no wind. Thankfully, we have more days of trade wind weather. Today was a beautiful day. You would have loved it here today.

Marcia, isn't it fun to count? Alaska sounds like fun! I have friends that go there all the time and love it. I hope you get to blog about your trip. I will be interested to hear about your time there.

Eden, lucky you! Didn't realize you were heading this way. I sent you an email. I hope you have a great time!!!


Yay for summer!!!! And summer trips!! I have to find a countdown widget so can get my Countdown to Newfoundland going on my blog! I LOVE that photo, the waves, the exuberance of the girls - it's awesome, thanks for sharing it!

I am surprised that you don't have a count down clock marking the days to summer vacation! LOL I'd be happy if spring would stay for good here.

Anne, just checked out your cool Newfoundland countdown clock :) 48 days is not that far away!

Jerry, we have a countdown going on at work. Right now, I am wishing we had a longer spring also. It has been HOT here!!

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