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playing around with online photo editing programs

I am trying to find an online photo editor that allows you to resize the dimensions of a photo and also change the resolution or photo size so that I can possibly add a few photos to my blog posts while in Italy this summer.

I am pretty sure that the resolution needs to be at 72 and not 180 in order for photos to upload on this blog or at least that is what I do when editing photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I need to find a program that does not need to be downloaded onto the computer as I will be using hotel/B&B computers. I also am looking for a program that does not require registration. My other concern is making sure that my original image won't be permanently modified.

After doing a google search, I started out by trying ResizeImage. This is a very basic editing program. It basically just resizes images to a few set sizes and crops images.

I continued to search and found Pixlr. This photo editing program has quite a few more features but it did not seem very user friendly to me.

Then I tried FotoFlexer. I found this photo editing program to be very user friendly. The only problem I found with this editing program was that again, I was not able to change the resolution size.

I searched some more and found Picnik. This program seems very similar to FotoFlexer except it also allows you to change the photo size (not just the dimensions) of your photo, which I believe will solve the resolution issue so that I can upload photos to this blog.

While trying out Picnik, I played around with a few of the other features and created this photo. Pretty cool, huh?


Does anyone know of any other good online photo editing programs that are easy to use? Any tips on how to do this without modifying my original files?

**Editing to this post to add: Thank you Jonas for your comment pointing me in the direction of Pixlr Photo Express. It does just what I am looking for - adjusts the dimensions and changes the resolution size.

To use this program, you click on the Open image from computer folder to upload a photo, then click on Basic, and then click on Resize. Make sure to rename the photo when saving it so that the original file will not be affected (very important step)!!

Now that I have this problem solved, as long as I have access to computers with usb drives available, I should be able to add a photo or two to my blog posts (when I have the extra time). I guess this means I need to stop procrastinating now and start preparing for my trip!!

**Editing to this post again to add: Thanks Kim for the clarification that photos don't have to be reduced to 72 ppi. They can be 180 or 300 but will just take longer to load.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, cool photo! Sorry I don't have any recommendations, but stopped by to say (yay!) you'll be blogging from Italy! :)

Have a great day!

If I remember correctly, you have a MAC so your operating system may not be compatible with Picasa. However, if Picasa now has a platform that supports the MAC OS I would highly recommend it. Has a bit more to it than other freebies, is user friendly and was recommended by a professional photographer. menehune

Kathy, I hope to be blogging from Italy. I will have access to a computer (if someone else isnt using it when I try to get on) in Florence, Bologna, and Stresa and free wifi at all places I am staying. I could always try mini blog posts using my iPod Touch :)

menehune, I have both Picasa and Adobe Photoshop Elements on my computer at home but it is staying put. I personally prefer Adobe Photoshop Elements to Picasa but do like the viewing options in Picasa better than iPhoto. I will be using hotel computers or possibly internet cafe computers and Picasa needs to be downloaded to use it so I need to find a program that can be used right on the internet. Thanks for the recommendation though :)

Girasoli, very cool effects on the photo.

Hmm, I use Photoscape, but it does need to be downloaded in the computer. Sorry, don't really have any recommendations.

Yay, you are almost there(in Italy) and you will be blogging.

I've had this on my list to investigate for a while. Picnik was the one I was going to check out - mainly because it is local (Seattle). I'll look around to see if there were any others that I might been mentioned in the photo blogs I read.

Sorry to say I don't have any recommendations but will ask my son. Since he does computer work all day long he might be able to know of a program. Will let you know.


No suggestions for photo editing frome me :)! Just stopped by to say hello.


I am going to keep an eye on this post because I have been wondering the same thing about the best photo editing program to use on a trip.

It is exciting that you are almost ready for your Italy trip. I know it will be wonderful!

candi, I have never heard of Photoscape. I might give it a try on my PC at work sometime. I can’t believe my trip is getting so close now! I have so much to do and don’t know where to start.

Marta, I was hoping you would see this post. I really liked the ease of Picnik and am thinking it just might work IF I can grab my pictures off of a card reader without changing the original files. I guess I need to play around with it a little more and try it with photos I take with my camera. The other challenge will be using PC computers that will be in Italian. I am still not as familiar with the set up when searching for files from different drives and with the Italian mixed in, it could be interesting. Maybe I will be lucky and find an Italian Mac! Thanks so much for you help checking out other blogs for me. I didn’t realize Picnik is from Seattle.

María, thanks for offering to check with your son.

sheri, hi back :)

nancy, I hope I can help! I will be sure to let you know if I figure it all out. I am really looking forward to this trip :)

No clue about the software. Love that artsy photo you created.

I don't know if this would work while traveling or not, but have you thought about uploading to Flickr and then linking them to your blog from there? Flickr resizes them to fit blogs (and Picnik is the photo editor on Flickr).

You missed the Express version of pixlr http://pixlr.com/express/ .. both for cropping and resizing .. the image will be 72 dpi on save .. much faster then the others.

Hi G: Sox on a role.

Sorry in that I should have read your post more closely in terms of not wanting it to be downloadable....hmmm-

I am going to post on my blog about questions I have about PH - not sure if easy to use.

Annie, glad you like the photo. It was pretty easy to do and fun also. I have thought about Flickr but have hesitated in joining since I have already set up a google photo account which is pretty easy to use.

Jonas, I just found your comment in my junk folder. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I just tried it and it works perfectly!! Looks like this will solve the problem. I have not tried it from a card reader yet but it worked with a photo from my computer. As long as I change the name of the photo before saving it, it does not affect the original file. The only thing I did not like with pixlr is the cropping feature. I guess I could use Picnik for that part if needed. Again, thanks!

menehune, not a problem. Another HR tonight!! Looks like he’s back :) Great rally tonight to win and sweep the series!!


Glad you posted this entry, the suggestions are wonderful, I must try some of them out. And definitely want to check out the pixlr express. I too would like to post photos while travelling. Although will have my laptop with me in Nfld, so can use picasa to resize pics for my blog, as long as there is internet access where we are staying.

Neat photo, I LOVE the colours, so bright and cheerful looking - thanks!

The main thing I like about Flickr is the fact that you can email the link to friends and they can look at your photos without having to register first; some of the photo sharing sites make you join before you look which is kind of a pain.

Anyway, sounds like you found something that will work - yay!


Just an FYI - there's no limitation forcing the photo to be 72 ppi - it can be 180 or 300 - but those higher values aren't necessary (and take longer to load I believe) which is why we suggest the 72. Jonas's solution seems good though, if you have any issues, feel free to e-mail the photos to me and I'll upload them for you.

Anne, I added links to both programs on my sidebar. I think they will both be very useful when traveling. I am excited that you will be blogging also on your trip! You must be getting excited!

Annie, work blocks almost everything these day! I can understand not wanting us to be on the web while working, but we should have some freedom during our lunch break and after school when we are working past our "set work hours".

Kim, thanks for the clarification! I think I must have thought that because I could not upload a photo full size, although the large size itself was probably more of a problem than the resolution size. Thanks for the offer to help if I can't get it to work. I think at this point my major problem will be finding access to a computer with a free usb port. I have been on computers where none are available in the past. In that case, I also wouldn't be able to email you the photo.

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