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fish market in Bologna

One of my favorite things to do in Bologna is to hang out watching the action at the fish market. There are actually a few fish markets close by but the photos below are of the one that seems to be the most popular. I was lucky on Friday (my last full day in Bologna) to be able to hang out and take lots of photos. The people working there seemed proud that I was so interested in their fish.











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Looks like a great place. I love those sea-green murals they have on the wall. I ate pasta with seppia in Venice; tasted good but it stains your mouth and teeth black (not a good choice for food to eat on a date!).

Ha! Lovely photos - I can almost see those fishes squirming.....:-)


Wonderful photos, Girasoli. I passed by this place several times, but it's only in your photos that I noticed the great fish murals painted on the inside wall. (I think I was too distracted by the octopus and other little beasts when I was actually there!)

Barb Cabot:

Fantastic photos! i would love to shop for fish there.

This brings back memories!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, cool market! I like the murals too and the variety of seafood is pretty good. I like hanging out in local markets too. That one seems popular so it must have been very fun for you.

Thanks for sharing your great photos and last day in Bologna with us! Have a good day today.

Annie, I really should have taken a close up of the mural but I was too mesmerized with the fish! I tried seppia once but did not really care for it. Didn't even think about what it did to your teeth!

menehune, a few of them almost were!

sandrac, thanks! I think I was too because only after Annie mentioned it did I take a second look!

Barb Cabot, thanks! I was wishing I was staying at an apartment so I could buy some of that fish myself.

softdrink, I didn't realize you visited Bologna.

Kathy, it was the most popular of the two or three fish markets in the area. It almost reminded me of Pikes Place Market in Seattle the way they would call out and throw the fish. I wish now that I took a video.

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