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duck family by the lake in Stresa

*Jumping ahead to Stresa for a moment*

The ducks in my previous post were ducks from Hawaii. Below are some photos I took of a cute duck family hanging out by the lake in Stresa. I was amazed at how close I was able to get, especially to the baby ducklings.

Daddy duck standing guard...

Mommy duck with one eye on me as I got near her cute little babies...

Baby ducklings having a converstation...



Nap time is over...

Baby ducklings heading down to the water...

Whoa, that water is cold!!

Mommy duck with one of her baby ducklings...

Ok, let's try this again...

Hey! Wait for me!!!!

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The ducklings are adorable!!!

They were sooooo cute and so tiny! I had to resist going up and touching them - because I knew it would not be a cool thing to do AND I figured either them mommy or daddy duck would probably attack me!


My Sony Vaio laptop died tonight and I just ordered a new one from the States - an HP. Am on my old one.

Those are so cute!


The duckling conversation is precious... I'm trying to imagine what they were saying!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, they are so cute and fluffy. I loved the one photo of them going away from the water and your comment. :) Wonderful photos!

Have a great evening!

Leslie, sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you didn't lose anything!

expatraveler, thanks for stopping by!

dana, probably something like "Who is this annoying person that keeps taking our photos?" :)

Kathy, I really should have taken some video. They were so young that they weren't too stable on their feet yet.

I can't believe how cute those little guys are. They really do look like they are talking. :)

Adorable!I am also amazed you were able to get that close! I love their conversations:)

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