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taking a weekend break from blogging

I have only missed one or two PhotoHunt posts since joining back on March 29th, 2008 (except of course when I was in Italy) but I have reluctantly decided that I need to take a break this weekend.

I would love to be hanging out like Katia & Guido's cat is doing...

but instead I will be cleaning my house, doing bills, and hopefully finally catching up on all the blog posts I have wanted to read. Catching up on blogs though is sort of like hanging out.

So, isn't Katia & Guido's cat adorable? Her name is Zara. She was named after a popular clothing store in Italy. She slept with me, attacked my feet in the middle of the night, followed me around, and even greeted me before Katia & Guido when we would come home after being out for a while. Last spring after moving into their beautiful place, Katia & Guido went to some sort of animal place intending to get a kitten, but instead fell in love with Zara and brought her home.

Happy Weekend everyone!!!!

...and GO SOX!!! (we have a lot of ground to catch up)

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tout sweet! For sure, she's adorable and so is her name. Zara is in Spain too and a great store -actually in the Natick Mall now - how's that for expansion. Agreed - the Sox have a lot of ground to catch up on but did in a big, great, take-the-show, AWESOME way last night! GO SOX INDEED --- I can hear the hoofs coming up the heels of the Yankees........Hope you have a productive weekend, menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, Zara is beautiful! Have a great weekend catching up and Gooooo Sox!

Zara looks quite comfortable hanging out. Hope your weekend isn''t filled with too many of life's boring things like cleaning and paying bills.

Zara is adorable!
Have a great(and relaxing) weekend!

You have a good weekend too!

I am pondering my suitcase and sitting on my electric blanket watching shows on my laptop.

Cold winter doldrums here in Canberra.


Zara is very beautiful! Great photo.

Enjoy your break!

Barb Cabot:

you definitely deserve a break...enjoy and relax.

Zara looks like a great cat. Hope you're having a nice weekend!

P.S. Do you still read Margeret and Helen? The latest post about the health care protesters is laugh out loud funny!


Oh she IS adorable!! Enjoy your blogging break :) I look forward to hearing more about your trip once you get some rest and get caught up on life !


Zara is adorable!! enjoy your break and "see" you soon :)


Hey, I'm finally catching up on blog reading and you're not here. Enjoy your "break."

Zara is one cute kitten. Hope you had a not too stressful week. TGIF!

Thanks everyone. I guess I milked the weekend break for all it was worth turning it into a week long break! :)

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