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"electric"~ PhotoHunt


I have not been able to make up my mind on which way to go with this PhotoHunt challenge. Since I can't decide, I've decided to post all of my ideas.

Views, scenes, and buildings at night lit up by electricity ~ Rome


~ Florence

~ Venice

~ Isola Bella

Music powered by electricity, electric guitars, electric lights & a video of the band powerd by electricity ~ Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca at night


Abstract photo of electric lights ~ taken in Lerici while sitting outside on my balcony at Hotel Doria and playing with my camera at night.

An electric car ~ I saw the coolest car this summer while in either Florence or Bologna. I am pretty sure it was in Florence but can't remember for sure. I do remember walking by it almost every day. It was tiny and blue. I thought about taking a photo of it many times as I walked by it but just never did. Kicking myself now! So, instead here is a re-post of a photo I posted a year ago of a yellow electric car I saw while staying in Bologna in 2008.

So which way would you have taken this post??

Comments (14)

Love ALL of your selections for this week. Everyone is a great picture.

That night shot of Firenze is spectacular!

Barb Cabot:

All the photos are wonderful. They make me happy. Thank you.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, wow! Fabulous choices for this week's theme. No wonder you had a hard time choosing... I love all of them, especially Venice at night!

Have a great day today!

I like the night pictures including the abstract. The ambiance of night shots always are a winner for me. I did got with the electric appliance on my blog but mainly because I had a good old and new appliance idea.

Great photo selection! Love them all, in particular the nighttime images. Makes me wish to be there right now. I also love the cute little electric car. It looks smaller than the Smart car.

Sandra, glad you liked them all :)

Peter, thanks! The beautiful setting helps with getting a good photo.

Barb, so happy to make you happy!

Kathy, ahhh Venice! Another beautiful place.

Marta, I always have fun playing around with night photos (even though I still really don't know exactly what I am doing with my camera yet).

Maria, I always wish I was there when looking at my photos. Glad you enjoyed my choices. The electric car looks cute but not too safe.

All of the photos are spectacular - understand why you had a problem deciding. Thanks for posting all. Each is breathtakingly beautiful.

Wow, Wow, beautiful collection of "Electric' photos.

I'm glad you posted them all. Love all the Italy night shots, esp. Venice!


I love night photography, and these are all just gorgeous...


Wow! You went all out for electric.


I just love these photos. They bring back so many good memories. Thanks for posting them.

Thanks again everyone!

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