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a word cloud of my recent blog posts

*To see a larger version, click on the word cloud.

To make your own word cloud, click here. Thanks so much Marta for your help with the pop-up :)

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What an interesting idea. I had never heard of word clouds before.


Hey, this so cool! I'm going to try it..."try" being the operative word! Somehow the blog features mystify me...I've never been able to get the photo placement to work (that is, placing them to the left or right of text and having the text wrap around...I followed Kim's instructions in the Testing and Procedures blog, but to no avail!) I'll see if I have better luck with a word cloud.

This is really cool! Love the colors and the way it pops up.


Popping over again just to say hi and hope you are feeling more rested and settled these days after your scare with your dad. Sending prayers to you both (or I'll just call them waves of positive energy, if you prefer!)
take care :)

Very, very cool! It looks great!


I like this -- I'm going to give it a try!

Thanks everyone. Will be looking for your word clouds :)

Anne, my dad is doing much better, thanks. I really appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers.

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