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blog stuff... new categories & photos

I spent part of the day today doing blog stuff. First, I added new categories for the three Italy trips I have taken since I started this blog.

Next, I went back and added photos to the first four posts from my trip this past summer. The men in tights post already had 3 photos - I added a few more.

Here are the links in case you are interested:

men in tights

a visit to Palazzo Vecchio

the Bargello, rain, pizza, and more gelato

fabulous daytrip to Arezzo

My goal is to eventually add photos to all of the posts I have done while in Italy the past three summers. That is a long term goal.

I also still need to finish writing about the rest of my trip. I think the reason I have been stuck is that my next post is my most difficult post. This was the one day I did not take any notes. I still have most of the details in my head, but it was such a busy day that I just have not figured out how to approach writing about this day. I will get to it soon...

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You sound so organized in terms of having a plan to achieve that long term goal! Wish I could get that organized! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy/Healthy New Year!


Girasoli, I've only begun to check out your new categories, but your Arezzo photos are fabulous!!! I can't wait to return there.

sheri, I think you are speaking too soon. Setting a goal and accomplishing it are two different things :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

sandra, thanks. I think you will love another trip to Arezzo. I made the new trip categories mostly for someone new to my blog that might want to just read about one of my trips. Since you have probably read most of my posts, it would not be new for you. It did end up taking quite a while though. I am not sure if I missed any posts since I had some of them under various categories.

I am so glad Google Reader is working now! I love the photos you added to the four posts. Ponte Vecchio at night was especially fabulous. Good luck with your goal.

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