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the old & the new


Anyone know where I took this photo?
Hint - it was taken in Italy.

I will give you the answer tomorrow evening.

*The answer is: Foligno
While traveling by train from Spello to Trevi, I needed to make a change in Foligno. I had about 30 minutes to kill while and so I wandered outside the train station. After walking about five minutes, I noticed this cool looking arch smack dab in the middle of this modern city. I loved the stark contrast between the old and the new. The photo is not the greatest (blurry, older camera) but I still love this photo.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, it's a great looking Arch but I'm afraid I don't know this one. I'll be interested to find out the answer.

hmmm.have you ever been to Naples? PS: How goes the MLB saga?

No idea, but I like the contrast :)

Not sure where but I love the contrast too.


This is a WILD guess, but Arezzo?

I remember stepping out of the train station there, crossing the street, and passing lots of 1960s-era buildings -- as well as parts of the city's historic wall.

Hmmm .. have you ever been to Genoa??

OH, How about Milan - ever been there???

Happy Easter!

Kathy, I just loved how it seemed so out of place.

menehune, Naples - yes, Genova - yes, Milan - yes. But nope not from any of those places. See my next post for the end of the saga :)

Marcee & Annie, I also loved the contrast. So out of place but also so Italy.

sandra, I am surprised you didn't get this with the comment I left on your blog. You will probably will make the connection now that I posted the answer.

Leslie, Happy Easter to you too :)

Hmm, I was in Foligno ten years ago and don't remember the arch. I'll have to take a look at my photos.

Maria, I am not sure if it is located in a popular location. I just happened to wander about 5 minutes from the train station when I saw it. I could not tell you which way I walked though.

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