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"covered"~ PhotoHunt


A Hawaiian monk seal covered with sand:


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My last book I read had these in it, it was Lee Goldberg's Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii.
I loved all the Mr Monk series and now am reading the books.

...and he looks so peacefully oblivious to his surroundings. Great photo! m



great interpretation of the theme, nice capture on this monk seal, haven't seen one of these in a long time.

Cool shot - Mine is also of sand. :)

Oh, what a great interpretation of this weeks theme, love the photo! Have a happy weekend.


Great take on the theme.

I saw one of those in Kauai. Huge and so peaceful looking.

How often do they beach themselves and will they crawl back to the ocean all by themselves or wait for the high tide to take them back.


Awwww, cute, cute!!!

LOL - that guy looks quite happy to be rolling about in the sand. No doubt it is the seal version of abrasion therapy!

Have a great week.

He looks so relaxed! Great shot.

Oh, what a great place for him to take a nap in the sun!

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