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"six"~ PhotoHunt



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, great photo. I tried to find one from Venice too but didn't have one with only six. I loved watching the traghettos on the grand canal and this is a fabulous choice. The angle is perfect with the Venetian Architecture in the background.

Btw, your Celtics gave our Lakers a run for their money. It was an awesome game 7 and if Perkins wasn't injured I think your team would've won.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Cool photo! Perfect for the theme!

Perfect for the theme, I just did not have the nerve to try that ! I will have to get back into "hunting " next week :))

THe only way to travel in Venice!Great take on the theme

I love it! I would be the one int the back sitting down. I love to ride the traghetto but not standing up. Great find for the six theme!


What a fantastic shot for the theme, I can hear "O sole mio" in the background!!

Good catch - I tried to get Sandi onto one of those to cross the canal when we were in Venice but she just wouldn't do it. LOL

That's a fantastic shot. Perfect for the theme and wonderful in and of itself.

Great shot!

Great Shot. Where did you take it from? We took one once - but I had to sit down. Yeah... not very Venetian.

Thanks everyone. This was a tough hunt for me this week. I searched and searched and searched and finally found this photo. I have only been on a traghetto a couple of times myself, mostly because I couldn't figure out how it worked (the payment/where the boat went/etc) during my first few visits to Venice. My prior sailboat work experience (I was the Mai Tai girl) has helped with balancing skills so I have no problems standing but can understand all who either will not travel by traghetto or need to sit.

Marta, I believe I took this photo while riding on a Vaparetto.

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