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"hands"~ PhotoHunt


I had the perfect picture, or so I thought until I realized the theme was hands (plural) and not hand. I had to do a little hunting to find another photo that would work for the theme this week.

I took this photo in Torino on the afternoon of the Italy vs Germany 2006 World Cup semifinal match. Italy won that evening and then went on to beat France to win the 2006 World Cup.

Oh, and I admit, I'm stretching the theme a bit here... the guy with the wild red hair is using both of his hands to paint the Italian flag on the other guy's face and the third guy watching has his hands on his hips.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I remember reading your blog while you were there. Great shot and a fun take on this week's theme.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Your interpretation for the theme "Hands" works for me. :) That must have been fun to watch.

Hope you are feeeling better these days.

Not stretching the theme at all, I see plenty of hands in this pic. Nice shot and something fun to stumble across.

And I'm so happy to hear your big news...Venice, with Sandra, and also that you're going to stay at Fujiyama! It's such an awesome place; I can't wait to stay there again. The two guys who own it are so nice, the place is beautiful, the neighborhood is lots of fun, and the price is right (for Venice). I like it just as much as Locanda Orseolo (where I've stayed 3 times)... Fujiyama is less expensive plus the neighborhood is better as far as really good but not break-the-bank restaurants go.

Fujiyama has a beautiful garden in the back where they serve breakfast when it's warm enough....it was too cold when I was there, but you guys will be able to sit out there. It's beautiful! I'm so excited for you!

Hi, what a great time to be there, with all the excitement ! I like your creative use of hands for this week.

Not really stretching - it's a wonderfully colorful photo - catches the excitement of the town.

Ty and I will be bookending our trip to Kauai on Oahu ..! Two days - April 14-15 and April 23-24 (not quite sure of these last two dates). He's making the arrangements..

I love the expressions and hands that you captured in the photo along with the great color. And it definitely works for the theme.

I LOVE those Italian flags blowing in the wind! Crop those and it would be fabulous!

Thanks everyone! Glad you liked my take on the theme and my photo. Sorry I have not replied earlier. Been a crazy week!

Kathy, I could have sworn I wrote about my time in Torino on this blog and posted photos. Realized today that this trip is all on a previous blog.

Eden, I am doing well. Thanks!

Annie, I am really excited about this B&B and of course staying with Sandra for a few days! I have never stayed in the Dorsoduro area. I am looking foward to getting to know this area of Venice a little better. Thank you, thank you for discovering this little gem!

SandraK, it was really fun to be there during the World Cup! Especially since Italy won!!

menehune, keep in touch. Hopefully we will be able to hook up, at the very least for a quick drink somewhere.

Marta, thanks! I loved their expressions also! They were really proud of their team and it shows.

Palma, the photos in my next post are for you! I could have sworn I posted these photos before but realized I never did after reading your comment today.

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