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"fashion"~ PhotoHunt


Purple was the fashion color in Italy during the summer of 2009.



Apparently, this girl did not get the memo...


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LOL!!! The man in the last photo looks like he is actually letting her know she didn't get the memo! ("Where is your fashion sense, bella, go and put something purple on right now!!")

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, Italian Fashion is always so sheek. It's interesting how "in" colors can change each year. Maybe the lady was wearing last year's color of choice. :)

Great photos for this week's take. Have a great SuperBowl Sunday!

I won't say what I think it appears they are discussing, I won't.

I will say that purple was big last year as well. I love my purple jeans and purple shirt with lime-green accents.

I just haven't worn it in public yet. LOL

Anne's comment is cracking me up. It really does look like that guy is saying that. Love your pics!


Happy days -- I love purple so much, I was in heaven when it was so much in style (I'm not seeing as much purple these days, alas.)

Great take on the theme!

Thanks everyone :) I knew right away what photos I would use as soon as I saw this week's theme. I have been waiting a long time to use these photos :)


Purple, eh? And Jerry has purple fashion musts! Love it.

I was thinking that maybe the girl was fashion forward and wearing the next and up and coming trend... She sure looked blinged-out!

hahaha.. funny comment with the girl - but I love the window shots. Fashion windows are always so cool.

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