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day 2 in Milano ~ Castello Sforzesco

Friday, June 3rd:
After a wonderful breakfast at my hotel, I headed out to the Castello Sforzesco, stopping in a few shops along the way. The weather was nice and sunny and warm. After walking past the Duomo, I arrived at this street with flags hanging from many countries which leads to to the Castello.


Milan has many interesting types of public transportation. Here are a couple of types I encountered on my walk. By the end of day two, my feet really would have appreciated riding one one of these buses or trams but I did not have time to figure out the system.



The Castello Sforzesco was very cool place to visit. After taking a few photos of the exterior...






I decided to tour the many museums inside. The cost of the ticket, which included all museums, was I believe 6 euros. I was thrilled to find out that I would be able to take photos inside the museums. Here are a couple of my favorite rooms of the museum.



I am going to post this now and write about the rest of my day later. Happy Friday everyone!!

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Happy Friday to you too!

For some reason Milan has ever really been on my radar. It sounds like a great spot to hang out and explore.

AHH! Now I remember the tapestries of Milan - beautiful artistry!

This is the area where we stayed. Between the Duomo and the Castello. I'm sorry we didn't get to make it inside the Castello - it looks very interesting.


Fantastic photos!!!! Wonderful glimpse of Milan, can't wait to see it in person in August. How was the Canada Hotel?? Good breakfast and mellow area sounds good to me!

Good to know the climb at the Duomo is very strenuous. I am normally one for climbing towers etc myself, but mom has knee issues, so think we might opt to take the lift to the roof. The Duomo is high on our list as well, along with The Last Supper (already have our tickets - I knew to watch for them to go on sale, and snapped them up early, thanks to your posting about how fast they sell out!)

Jerry, I felt the same way for the longest time about Milan, but really enjoyed my stay there and wished I stayed longer.

Menehune, it was an amazing display!

Marta, it really was much more than I expected. Later on, I will post more photos from inside the museums.

Anne, it was a great hotel. I would not hesitate to stay there again. i have been trying to put in extra details in my posts for you. The lift brings you almost to the top. Your mom will still have to climb one short set of stairs, although they are steep to get to the very top - worth it though! Glad you got a Last Supper ticket - very cool!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, great photos. I've never been to Milan and your photos has it on my radar now. I can see why you liked those two rooms, very beautiful interior.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos. Keep on having fun.

Love these photo, esp inside the museum. Very cool. Hope you're having fun!


I have GOT to visit Milan -- you've made it look so beautiful!

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