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Trento all day

We realized there was still plenty of Trento we hadn't seen and Amy really wanted to shop so we set off on foot and took in a lot of territory. Many of the historic buildings have written (Italian, German and English) explanations out in front. This is something I don't remember from our visit 2 years ago. Here's Kev reading one:


We were constantly looking up at the frescoes and designs.
We passed by this little galleria:


There were several frescoed buildings and interesting statues. We spent a long time appreciating one palazzo with phytomorphic (plant like--a new word for me) designs and lots of detail:


We spent a while in a hardware/cookware store that also sold fancy swords.


We walked through a community garden which was a restoration of an ancient Roman garden. Amy and I loved all the herbs and roses. The sign said something like "We care for the garden; we care for each other".


The Castel Buonconsiglio was our goal even though we knew it is closed on Mondays. I wish we could have gone inside.


Then we went to a park and sat for a while. Kev hated the modern monument in honor of DeGasperi, a local political hero.


Finally we got some panini and sat on the duomo steps in the shade to eat. We were just 100 yards from Grom. They would have been so insulted if we didn't partake. I tried their new flavor of the month--peach with bits of amaretto cookies and chocolate chips--not my favorite but the raspberry was the perfect hot day treat.

Before dinner we wanted to go back to the Duomo and we did get to explore the little museum underneath with the "paleochristian" ruins including mosaic floors and sarcophigi. Also all of the local Bishops are buried down there.

I love the back door of the duomo:


We went up to the hotel for a rest. A brief but intense hail storm came through and cooled everything off.
Dinner time: downstairs for a nice rose of Trento DOC sparkling wine and then we walked to a pizza place called Rosa D'oro. The pizza was good and so were the salads but I ordered grilled veggies with cheese and it tasted like it had been in a refrigerator for too long. We also had a side order of "crauti" warm sour kraut wih bits of bacon(?) in it--it was a Tyrolian restaurant after all.

A little walk after dinner and that was that.

I took this classic Trento shot during our "picnic" lunch:


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wendy and Rob Mari:

The facade is beautiful, what a nice backdrop for your picnic. All good

wendy and Rob Mari:

Also, I am looking at the area in 'our' garden that I am going to turn into an herb garden. Thank you for the inspiration.

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