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My hubby, Denis and I live in a small town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I was born and raised in Montreal (Go, Habs, Go) and Denis was born in Windsor. We met at Carleton University in the late 1970s and have been together ever since, married since 1982.

We have 2 children in their early twenties and 1 beautiful grandson, Sebastian, who is the light of our lives. I have worked in the investment industry for the last 12 years. Den & I both love to cook and we really like to try new ethnic cuisines. Our love of good food was a determining factor in choosing France and Italy as our first European destinations. We had previously made 8 trips to the Caribbean (Mexico, Cuba and the last 5 to Negril, Jamaica)in the last 6 years. Last year,we fulfilled a long time dream and took a 3 week European vacation to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We did all the planning and booking ourselves, which was almost as much fun as the trip itself. We visited Paris, Tuscany, Rome and Positano and our lives were changed forever.

Discovering the history, culture, beauty (and food!) of France and Italy made us want to see more. What we thought was a once in a lifetime trip has become a quest to discover more of these beautiful countries. We thought we were content to take 2 beach vacations a year and just relax in the sun for a week at a time. Well, discovering Europe has made us want to see more. We are going back to Paris for 2 weeks next month and are planning another trip to Italy in 2009 and possibly Greece in 2010. Denis has become convinced that we will retire in Paris in about 12 years (we both speak French fluently) and has already begun slowly exploring the different possibilities. I'm not quite there yet, but I know that travel to Europe has become both our passion and we can't wait to continue to live, love, eat and travel!

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Look beyond Paris to the French countryside for your retirement.


Congratulations on your new blog -- I love the header photo, a great shot!

Welcome to Slow Blog! Love your header photo and look forward to reading more.

Barb Cabot:

Loved reading how your European trip for your 25th anniversary spurred a whole new direction for your lives. Very, very exciting! Will be looking forward to reading all about the upcoming trip. Great start for your blog and you've got readers out here waiting for more! Barb Cabot

This is a great start! I look forward to reading more about your advantures.

Hi! Just stumbled onto your blog and I am hoping you get to Paris before me (early June) to tell all about it! Cheers! Suzanne


A belated Happy Birthday to you Jo!!

Wonderful blog...very enjoyable!! Have a great evening & hug Den for us!

We'll keep tuned in for more...


Ya Ping:

Great blog. I love your header photo too!

Somehow I didn't notice your blog until now! Great blog, love the header photo.

Belated welcome to the slow travel blogosphere!

Bill :

Remember that Denis is a "wings" fan while you travel the streets of Paris.

Megan :

Great Blog Jo - I am loving following your travels here and on OPF.

lindy watson:

Hi Jo,

justread your blogs on slowtrav(this has to be the very best site for travel info in all of Christendom). Made note of the restaurants!!!! My husband & I have spent many hours dreaming of our trip to France (where we honeymooned some 30 yrs ago)and Italy. This time it will be a 3 month journey and like you we are counting the days. It appears to be becoming an indepth food/wine pilgrimage across the two countries. I also have spent many an hour planning via the net. Currently, we are looking for an apt in Paris end of Sept. Can you tell me about yours? Hope to hear from you soon. And THANKS for the tips.
Lindy Watson,
Victoria, BC

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