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Next week..........Paris!!!

Well, we are down to 10 days now. We did our mock packing this weekend to make sure a) everything we want to bring fits in the suitcase b) there is room to bring stuff back!! We've made our Walmart run and bought all the travel size toiletries to start us off so we don't have to run to a Monoprix the first day for shampoo and stuff.

I'm agonizing over my birthday dinner at Il Vino ~ we have reservations but I'm thinking of Au Bon Acceuil instead for the Eiffel Tower view (I know it's only from the outside terrace, but I can't afford the views from the higher end restaurants :) ) I welcome any comments as to whether to stick with Il Vino or make the jump to Au Bon Acceuil.

Besides that, we are pretty much set. I have my euros to pay for our apartment when we get there, my list of restaurants, my reservation at Spring, even a list of French wines so that I know which region = which grape varietal. Bordeauxs and Cote du Rhones will probably be my standbys. I've photocopies passports and other IDs, credit cards, health cards, etc ~ 1 copy to bring with us and 1 to leave with my daughter.

Oh, and I ordered a brand new mac laptop on Monday morning so I can (hopefully) download our pictures and blog away easily during our trip. The things I do to ensure I keep my readers up to date!!! The computer should arrive either Friday or Monday, so I'll have some learning to do before we leave next Friday. I've never used a Mac before, but have heard and read so many good things about them, I'm hoping the learning curve won't be too steep.

The next 10 days will probably crawl by, but that's ok as long as our 16 days in Paris go by just as slowly.......................Jo

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Practice packing is something I've never done. But I think it is a very good idea.
I think I'll try it this year.
Have a fabulous trip!

I agree - I'm going to remember that practice packing idea. I usually end up pruning frantically at the last minute.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!


So Jo, are you in Paris???

Johanne Dupuis:

Nope, we leave Friday night and should get in about 10am on Saturday morning!!

Very hard to concentrate at work these days!

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