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2 Museums

Today, we have decided to revisit d'Orsay and see the Rodin Museum for the first time. There is a new pass you can get to do both musuems in one day at a slightly reduced rate and which also allows you to cut the lines. We walk over the FNAC near Bastille to buy the passes (13 euros each including their service charge) and then hop on the 69 bus. For some reason, the bus driver makes us get off at the Louvre and we are supposed to wait for another bus, but it is such a beautiful day, we decide to cut across the Louvre courtyard and walk to d'Orsay. Den is taking loads of pictures along the way and we make it to the museum in about 20 minutes, enter by the reserved access door and are back at my favourite Paris museum. I love the layout of the d'Orsay, it's so much more manageable than the Louvre and you don't feel overwhelmed by which way to go. We go straight to the top level and walk slowly looking at all the impressionist masterpieces, paintings we have all seen growing up. I really enjoy the "pointilisme" paintings, the ones that are made up of thousands of little brushstrokes made up of dots. The colours are so alive and the subjects so interesting. I also love the Van Goughs, again for the colours, and his self portraits are haunting in their sadness. Den loves the Degas sculptures and we both marvel at the sculptures on the 2 lower levels. We spend over 2 hours at D'orsay and make our way to Rodin. Again, we get to bypass all the people waiting in line and we are in the gardens marveling at the Thinker before we know it.


Den takes about 50 picutes from different angles of this masterpiece and we walk around the lovely gardens, full of blooming roses and Rodin's finest works. There is a group of schoolchildren sitting around the Burgers of Calais, doing pencil drawings.


One of the things we were so struck by last year when we visited the various museums were the many schoolkids being exposed to the culture and history that makes up art. We loved seeing their rapt faces listening to their teachers explain the difference between foreground and background, or the different types of sculpting materials that can be used, etc. In my opinion, this is an area where we, as North Americans, lack ~ exposing our kids to arts and culture and making them more aware of the world around them. In too many cases, these types of programs are the first to be cut when funding is tight and at first glance, it does seem that reading and math, etc should be the most important aspects of education. But a well-rounded exposure to art, culture and history can be so important in making up who we become, I wish that our kids could enjoy the same benefits that we saw French school children enjoy all around us almost everywhere we went.

We had a late afternoon break in the cafe in the gardens and went into the museum itself and enjoyed more beautiful pieces, like the Kiss. Many of Rodin's scuptures were more erotic than I realized. Neither Den or I are knowledable about the arts, but seeing these masterpieces firsthand makes us want to learn more so we can appreciate them better next time we visit. We felt the same way last year during our visit to Paris and then Florence and Rome, where we were very priviledged to see many of the world's great works of art. There is so much more to these pieces than what you can see at face value and I will have to make the time to educate myself for next time.

We took the metro home and rested a couple of hours before we had to leave for our long-anticipated reservations for dinner at Spring.

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Terry Sylvester:


I am thoroughly enjoying your blog each day. It's like I'm walking around with you guys. One day, Nancy and I hope to experience the Dupuis Tour De Paris!!
Enjoy yourselves!!!!!

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