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3 days until Paris ~ What was I thinking buying a new computer NOW???

We got our new macbook yesterday and spent all night trying to set up a network with our existing PC and our printer. You have to understand that although Den & I use computers all day long at work (I'm a financial advisor and he's in logistics), once we are out of the applications we are familiar with, we become techno idiots. Thank goodness our daughter came over. Once we told her that we couldn't connect our desktop to the network, she informed us we needed a wireless card for the desktop (who knew?) and drove to Staples, picked one up, and voila (and 4 hours later), we have a computer network. I had a few issues copying my e-mail over to the mac but all seems fine now (I'm using it right now to make this entry). I just have to copy my address book over and make sure I bookmark all my favourites on the web and we are ready to go! I have to say that although we have been living and breathing this trip for the last months, yesterday we were consumed with setting up the darn network and for the first time in weeks, I didn't spend my evening surfing for more Paris restaurants and poring over our guidebooks. I guess that's one more day gone and one day closer to our trip.

Needless to say, we are beyond excited at this point. It looks like we will have nice weather at least for the first couple of days. I am so excited about taking our little macbook and being able to write about our day to day adventures (I warn you, they will mostly be about eating and drinking, with some shopping, museum visiting and cafe sitting thrown in. Probably not too exciting to read about, but at least I won't have to write a trip report from scratch when I get back.)

On a totally different note, tomorrow is Sebastian's first t-ball game (which we get to watch before we leave, yeah!) so we will take pictures and I will try to upload them using the mac photo program. Hopefully this will go well and I will be able to insert pictures during our trip.

Thanks to everyone who has been following this so far, and for all your comments. The next entry should be from the City of Lights!!!!!!!!!!


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