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A day with friends

We slept in until almost 10am Saturday morning, probably still dreaming of our feast at Spring! I called our friends to see when they wanted to meet up and they were still in bed as well, so I told them to call us later if they wanted to spend some time together. Den went to the corner bakery and picked up some croissants and pain au chocolats, I made a pot of coffee and we just lazed the morning away. Debbie called us at a little after noon and we made plans to meet at their hotel. We walked around the Jewish area of the Marias for a little while and stopped for some fallafel plates for lunch (alas, not at L'As du Fallafel, as they were closed for the Sabbath). We strolled to Ile St Louis and just did what a thousand other tourists were doing, enjoyed all the little shops on the main street and introduced Kevin and Debbie to the joys of Berthillon ice cream.


We ducked into Notre Dame just as a thunder storm began and visited for about 20 minutes. Jet lag and bar hopping on Friday night caught up with Kevin and they decided to take a cab back to their hotel for a little rest. I told them I would find us a little restaurant near the Eiffel Tower for dinner tonight and we went our separate ways. Den and I meandered back to the apartment, stopping at the Monoprix for some replenishments. We had a glass of wine and some olives, Den had a little rest and I scored a 9:15 reservation at Le Petit Troquet for the four of us.

We met at Cafe Hugo around 8:15 for a drink and took a cab to the restaurant. It's a tiny little place, very cute and intimate. It is very well reviewed on many sites and guide books and I had hoped we would be able to give it a try during our stay. I wanted to have dinner in this area since our friends hadn't seen the Eiffel Tower yet and you can't come to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower! The restaurant offers a 3 course menu for 33 euros per person, and the offerings change with the seasons. Den had an asparagus risotto for his appetizer and Kevin and I had a delectable mille feuille of of chevre, tomoatoes and basil. Debbie chose a duck pate with a fruit chutney, which she raved about. We all had different meals, Den had rabbit in a tarragon cream sauce, Kevin had guinea fowl, Deb had a spectacular scallop dish on top of a ratatouille and I had lamb stew. We chose the wine of the month, which was a nice Bordeaux for 24 euros and it seemed to disappear very quickly, leading to another bottle. Dessert was chocolate tart for Den and Debbie, a cheese course for Kevin and creme brulee with vanilla for me. Everything was delicious, but I have to admit I had plate envy over Debbie's scallops. We had a lovely, leisurely dinner and left the restaurant about 11:30. We walked over to the Eiffel Tower and waited for the sprinkling lights. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing Eiffel in all her twinkling glory and I was so happy to share this moment with our friends. We walked down the Seine a little bit, enjoying the lights of Paris and came to the tunnel where Princess Diana was killed (over 10 years ago!). It was poignant to see all the condolences written onto the stone wall.

We hailed a cab to take us home and the cabbie turned out to be a treasure trove of information, taking us through Place de la Concorde, where I pointed out the Arc de Triomphe in the distanced to Kevin and Debbie. He took us around the Place de La Madeliene, in front of the Opera Garnier, which is spectacularly lit up at night, down through the Bourse area and into the Marais, giving us insights into all the different areas we saw. It was after 1am when we got to Place des Voges and we said our goodbyes to Kevin and Debbie and wished them a great cruise.

It was so nice to spend time in Paris with friends and show them around. Since this was our second trip here, that made us the Parisian experts and we loved walking around with them and enjoying the city and what it has to offer. It was a wonderful surprise and treat in the middle of our 2 weeks to share this time with them.


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