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A Friday in Paris

After more delicious French pastries and coffee (thank God I am doing all this walking, or else all this rich food would mean mucho extra pounds ~ hopefully, I'll come out just a little bit up in the end or maybe just about even!), we leave the apartment at around 9:30 am and head towards Mortorgeuil. We do a little more window shopping but I'm not really in the mood to try stuff on today, I just want to walk around and take in more of the city. This is our second to last full day in Paris and the last one based in our apartment. Tomorrow, we move to Hotel des Grandes Ecoles in the 5th for our last night in Paris. This way, we were able to squeeze one last day and night in Paris. We kind of kill time walking around the garment district until it is late enough to eat lunch. We go back to Rotisserie Dorius, the great place we ate at earlier this week. It is at 12 rue des Petits Carreaux, which is really 12 rue Mortorgeuil. It's only 11:30, but we've been waiting to have this meal for 3 days! I order a quarter roast chicken again, with vermicelli noodles and a mix of veggies stewed in tomoto sauce. Den gets the roast pork with potatoes and vermicelli. With our 2 soft drink, lunch is 16 euros and so good and filling.

We decide to take the metro to the Trocadero, since we haven't seen the Eiffel Tower from that angle yet. On our way out of the metro, we buy some magazines so we can just sit in the park and relax for a while. Den take his many pictures of Eiffel and we find a shady spot on the grass where we just sit and read and maybe even nap a little for over an hour and a half. We needed this little break because we will be walking back to the Marais from here over the next 6 hours.


We cross over the bridge into the 7th and find a little outdoor cafe/bakery where we have 2 great cafe cremes. I swoon over a caramel macaron and Den has a millefeuille AND a pistachio/almond shortbread. We walk slowly towards Pont Alexandre III, our favourite bridge. We just can't get enough of the grandeur and beauty of this bridge. (This bridge is also indirectly responsible for our coming to Paris for the first time last year. When we were planning our 25th anniversary trip, we were having a hard time deciding between Paris/Italy and Greece. We watched an episode of the Sopranos about that time that showed Tony's wife and her friend in Paris and they were on the Pont Alexandre III, marveling at the decorations of the bridge. We both looked at each other and said at the same time, "We're going to Paris!".)


We head towards Les Tuilleries and L'Orangerie, we will see if we can get in to see Monet's Waterlillies. We both need a little break from the sun and this is the last museum on our list for this trip. We only have to wait in line for about 10 minutes and we are in the 2 beautiful oval rooms, marvelling at the man's genius. Again, we are not art experts, but it is hard not to be moved by such colour! We sit in Les Tuilleries and finish our magazines and then walk to the little pond where kids are racing little wooden boats.


We had thought about getting some sandwiches and wine and walking towards Pont des Arts and having an early picnic, but the wind has picked up and it's a little too cool. We decide to walk down Rivoli and pick up the same kind of food but just have it in the apartment while we pack. We've had so many gourmet meals in the past 2 weeks, we just want something simple tonight. Close to the St Paul metro station, we walk past a little pizza joint and a woman sitting outside is eating a great looking pizza. We both look at each other and just go on in. We each have a delicious pizza, mine is vegetarian with olives, artichoke hearts, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese. Den has the Napolitan, with capers, anchoivies, olives and cheese. They are made in a wood burning oven and are some of the best pizzas we've ever had, even in Italy. With a 1/4 litre of red and some sangria, our bill is 27 euros! Pizza Momo is on 105 rue St Antoine.

We stop for some chocolate treats at a little chocolate shop next door and walk home. We are in the apartment before 9. We do our packing and call it an early night (again ~ do you see a pattern here? I had so many plans of going bar hopping, going to jazz clubs, sitting in cafes late at night...............but alas, we are just 2 middle aged people who are up early in the morning and in bed early at night, even on vacation. Oh, and I guess the 6-10 miles of walking we do every day kind of tires us just a little bit, too!)

This is probably my last blog entry until I get home, I don't think we have internet access at the hotel on Saturday, so I'll wrap it up on Monday.

We've had a wonderful trip and I have had a great time blogging. If anyone knows how I can get paid to do this, please let me know!!!!

Thanks for reading and all your kind comments.................Jo

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We've so enjoyed reading your blog. Not only does it make us want to visit Paris again, but it makes us hungry as well! :)

All the walking you've done sounds fabulous (and helpful with all that rich food!!). Simply lovely reading. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!!

Safe travels home.

Hugs, Liz & Chris

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