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Chez Omar and too much walking!

So we decide on Chez Omar for dinner and we start walking back up rue de Turenne to rue de Bretagne. It is a nice breezy evening and it seems all of Paris is out for an early evening stroll. We make it to the restaurant at about 7:30. I had wanted to come early since they don't take reservations (or credit cards) and I have read you sometimes have to wait in line on the sidewalk to get in. Well, no worries about that today, there is only one table taken. I know we are very early by Parisian standards, but I feel like the waiters are not really happy to see us. We sit at a table by the window so we can indulge in our favourite activity, watching Paris go by. 3 different waiters come by within 5-7 minutes looking for our orders and again, I feel like they want to rush us and get rid of us as quickly as possible. We order a tomatoe salad and an avocado salad to start, a beer for Den and a 1/4 litre of Rose for me. Den gets the lamb michoui couscous and I order the merguez one. Our salads are served in about 2 minutes, mine is just 2 tomoatoes cut up and sprinked with dressing and Den has 1 avocado sliced and covered with the same dressing. Not a lot of effort in presentation and while the veggies are fresh, that's about all I can say about them.

The couscous come to the table within 15 minutes of ordering. We are served a huge platter of couscous, a big pot of steamed veggies and broth and the lamb and merguez on a wooden platter. There is enough food here to feed at least 4 people! It is OK, but I was expecting so much more from the reviews I had read. The lamb is tender and falls clean off the bone, the merguez is slightly spicy, the veggies are very soft and the broth is instantly absorbed by the couscous. We both looked at each other and kind of shrugged our shoulders, it wasn't a bad meal, it just wasn't a knock your socks off Parisian gem we have come to expect and enjoy on a daily basis since we arrived.

The retaurant is starting to fill up and the waiters are getting a little more animated. We can only manage to eat less than half of our meal and our waiter seems annoyed that we don't want coffee or dessert. Dinner is 61 euros and we are out the door within an hour of getting there.

We decide we need to walk our meal off, so we head down one of the side streets off de Bretagne towards the Seine. We get to the river just as the sun is starting to set and turning a spectacular red/orange.


Den takes lots of pictures of the water, the Bateau Mouches gliding on the surface, and the many bridges crisscrossing the Seine. We end up back at the Pont des Arts and there are hundreds of mostly young people sitting on the bridge, in groups of 10s or more, having picnics and enjoying the sunset. Some have very elaborate meals and some have simple sandwiches and almost all have wine and/or beer. What a great way to enjoy a dinner in Paris and it makes us wish we had done something like this tonight as well. Maybe tomorrow if the weather is as nice.

We walk across the bridge into the Louvre courtyard and Den take more pictures of the Pyramid with the sun setting behind it. He also gets some great shots of the Arc de Triomphe in the distance.


We continue walking home and it is past 10 by this time and we have been walking for over 2 hours since dinner and since about 10am this morning. I hit the wall and can go no further, we grab a cab and stumble into bed for a well deserved sleep.

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