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Day 3 ~ The walking continues!

Another beautiful sunny day and we are out of the apartment and on the #69 bus by 10:30. The route of the 69 is very scenic, around the Bastille monument, down Rue de Rivoli and all those shops, right through the middle of the Louvre Museum (the courtyard, not the building, of course!) through St Germain and right to Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. Much cheaper than a tour bus and hitting all the right sights for the price of a bus ticket. We checked out the time of the last elevator entries for the Tower for tomorrow night. It's my 48th birthday tomorrow and I want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and just revel in the sight of Paris below us. Today, the 3rd level was closed, so I hope it will be open tomorrow, but if it's not, I'll be just as happy and wide eyed to be looking over Paris from the 2nd! We walked down rue St Dominque and we scored a reservation at Christian Constant's Fables de la Fontaine for my birthday dinner!! We walked down Rue Cler and were kind of underwhelmed, found it a bit touristy. We went in search of a little restaurant near Les Invalides and the Rodin Museum that I had read about for lunch, but it was closed, like many other places today, due to today being the last day of a long weekend that began on Thursday. We walked down St Germain de Pres, leisurely looking for a place for lunch. We passed all the high end designer shops and the famous cafes and kept going. We kept walking until we found ourselves at the Luxembourg Gardens. By this time, we have been walking non-stop in the hot sun for over 2 hours! We could have had lunch at a large cafe right across the street from the park,on the Pantheon side, but the menu looked very heavy and we were too hot to eat those types of dishes. We found a little take out place a few doors down (Lina's, 13 rue de Medicis), ordered 2 great sandwiches, some waters and a strawberry tart and walked back to the park for a picnic. We just sat and watched the world go by for over an hour. At one point, we spotted a beautiful fountain just behind where we were sitting (the Medici Fountain, originally built in 1630) and sat there for another half hour, enjoying the sunshine, the people all around us and being in Paris in the springtime. There was the cutest little boy, about 2 and a half, who was running around and throwing little rocks into the fountain. When he spotted some ducks paddling towards him, he squealed in delight and made me think of Sebastian and how we will bring him to Paris one day.

When we left the park, we spotted a large group of blown up photos along the outside gates of the park. It was an exhibition of pictures from the Figaro magazine, we only saw a part of it, from about 1990 to the present. There were some unbelievable pictures from around the world. These pictures had accompanied various stories in the magazines over the years. For anyone who is in the area, it was worthwhile taking about half an hour and reading the captions to the photos (in English as well as in French). This is what we love about Paris, you don't have to plan anything in particular, and you will still usually run across something fantastic almost anywhere you go.


We continued through the 5th, across the bridge to Ile de la Cite, where we sat for another 20 minutes or so, just watching the world go by again (and resting our aching little feet). We were back in the apartment by 4:30 and Den is having a little nap on the couch right now. We've decided to have a simple meal of moules frites tonight at one of the Leon de Bruxelles restaurants near the Bastille (about a five minute walk). I'm hoping we don't need reservations and that we can eat about 7pm for an early evening. I know it's not gourmet, but dinner tomorrow night should be awesome (and expensive) so we are taking it easy tonight, both in food selection and on the pocketbook!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure...............hopefully, our middle aged feet can hold up to the strain!!


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