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Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I wasn't going to post again tonight, but something unbelievable happened during our dinner. We went to the Leon de Bruxelles near the Bastille and sat outside, it was a warm, balmy evening. (BTW, dinner was Ok for what it was, moules frites for both of us, Den had a beer and I had a quarter litre of white wine, we both had dessert and coffee and the bill was 53 euros).

As we are having our creme brulee, I see 2 people walk by and stop for directions at the corner newstand kiost. I recognized the man immediately and before Denis could stop me, I leapt from my seat and went over to the newstand. I asked the woman who was his companion if it was who I thought it was and she said yes.....................my idol since I was a horny teenager, Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zepplin!!! He is in town for a concert tomorrow night with Allison Krauss. He was so gracious to this babbeling fool of a fan (moi!), a middle aged woman who was gushing about what a musical genius he was and what a thrill it was to meet him. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me (we were only going to dinner, who knew!) but his lady friend took a picture of me and Robert and took my e-mail address and will (hopefully) sent it to me. He gave me the rose out of his lapel, gave me a hug and I floated back to my hubby, who knew what meeting this rock idol meant to me. It took about 15 minutes for me to calm down, I even called work to let them know what had happened. I couldn't call anyone from my family since it was the middle of the afternoon in Canada and everyone was at work and I didn't have those phone numbers. We walked through the Marais after dinner, stopping for a glass of port at a little outside cafe and I slowly came back down to earth. I turn 48 tomorrow and Paris has given me another reason to love her!!

I will have very sweet dreams tonight.......................Jo

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Michel :

Johanne you are so lucky you have to travel to France to see Robert Plant. Did he have jeans on and did you feel anything when he gave you the hug.All the best I will keep reading every day. Your brother Michel.


Excellent! And Happy Birthday!


Wow, I love a good celebrity sighting and that goes well beyond! Fantastic!

And Happy Birthday, what a great place and a great way to mark the day!

How exciting!! I love Robert Plant (I am a year older than you) and also grew up listening to Led Zepplin. Do tell us more about what he was wearing, what his hair was like, etc. I wonder what he thought after you left. I hope you get that photo. Happy Birthday!

What an amazing birthday! I too grew up listening to Led Zeppelin - that's just incredible that you ran into him. Hope your trip continues to be so awesome!

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