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Louvre, Louvre and more Louvre

Well, Den wanted to hit the Louvre today and since he's given in to my every whim so far, I thought I would let him have his way. We took the 69 bus to the museum and entered through the Pyramid in less than 5 minutes. We did the Egyptian stuff first (oh, I'm such a great writer!). You could spend days marveling at the way life 3000-5000 years ago comes alive through the many exhibits in this section. Seeing the jewlery, the cooking utensils, the Sphinxs, the ancient writings and so much more made us realize how life so many years ago wasn't so different that it is today. There were even family portraits which made us smile with the same stiff poses we are likely to see today.

After almost 2 hours walking through Egypt, we opted for a lavish lunch at Cafe Marly, the restaurant with views directly on the Pyramid. My waiter complimented my choise of Creamy Risotto with gambas (although his "un choix excellent, madame" may really have meant, "hey, another tourist stupid enough to pay 24 euros for a small dish of rice and shrimp"!) and Den had a really fancy club sandwich (really fancy = 16 euros for bread and chicken). But hey, we were sitting with the elite of Paris, watching life go by at the Louvre, so 54 euros for lunch means we got what we came for!


We spent the next 3 hours seeing some French and Italian oil masterpieces, the Crown Jewels in the Apollo Room and Napoleon's apartments. We just happened on the last one by accident but it was one of my favourite exhibits in my 3 visits to the Louvre. I'm guessing that the opulence of Napoleon's little digs would be a small preview of life at Versailles, even though we're not talking about the same owners. There were 2 very poignant letters exhibited in one of the rooms, one was Marie Antoinette's last letter to her sister, talking about how she would soon join her husband in heaven and how much she missed her children, and the other was the last will and testament of her husband before he was put to death by guillotine during the revolution. Both of these made me really glad we read French since there was no English translation posted and we would have missed 2 very interesting pieces of history if we had not been able to understand the significance of the letters.

We left the musuem a little after 5 with sore feet but happy to have experienced another little slice of this huge museum. I'm sure we will be back again next time we are in Paris.

We walked down rue Rivoli, enjoying the shops and the people. Den really wanted me to buy something in one of the many stores down this street, but I find the French clothing very young and either shapeless or too form-fitting. Although I don't consider myself large at between a size 6 and 8, the French women seem to have no hips and no breasts because I can't find anything that fits me properly.

We went looking for one of those take-out roasted chickens with drippings on the potatoes for dinner, but all the stands seem to be closed on Mondays. We settle on a baguette for the pate and dips I still have back at the apartment, and Den gets some sushi at one of the tiny takeout shops along the way to the apartment. We have a little feast with wine at home and will enjoy another early night in Paris. Tomorrow, maybe the outlet shops on rue Alesia will bring me more shopping luck!


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