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Some more thoughts before we go out today

While Den is still sleeping off yesterday's marathon walking session (which is pretty funny, since he is usually the one up really early, waiting for me to get up), I thought I would just add to yesterday's comments.

First, what to wear in Paris ~ every single site I visit, one of the most asked questions is what should I wear and what should I not wear. I just want to reassure everyone that we have seen everything and anything, so my advice is ~ just wear what makes you comfortable. It has been really hot and sunny since we got here (yeah for us!) and tourists and Parisians are wearing shorts (not short shorts, but nice casual bermudas, although we did see some Japanese girls wearing extremely short shorts) and tshirts, jeans, dockers, sandals, running shoes, walking shoes, high heels, sun dresses, you name it, we saw it. As many people have said before, the most important thing is to make sure you have comfortable walking apparel, whatever that means to you. Of course, walking around in the day and going out to nice restaurants in the evening are 2 very different things, as they would be back home. Use common sense and don't expect to get into a good restaurant dressed like you're shopping at the mall. Even then, dressier jeans, nice shirt or sweather, khakis would be OK as long as you are not at a 3 star Michelin restaurant (this is an assumption on my part, since we can't afford those anyways!!)

At the end of the day, don't agonize too much over this and use common sense and just be clean and comfortable.

Also forgot to mention yesterday that our apartment has many Paris guidebooks (the one we rented last year on Ile St Louis did as well) so I think this is probably common in many apartments geared to tourists. My point (and I do have one) is don't bother lugging your heavy copies when you will probably find loads of info in your place. One of the books we found on the shelves is the Food Lover's Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells, which I am enjoying very much. I have too many restaurants I want to try and not enough time (or money!) to try them all. We have reservations for Spring on Friday and Il Vino tomorrow (which I may cancel if I can get into Fables de la Fontaine or Au Bon Accueil). I also want to try L'Ei Dupain, L'ami Jean, Chez Omar, Robert & Louise, Cafe Constant, Le Petit Trouquet, Le Petit Marche, Chez Janou, Le Pamplet, Le Petit Prince de Paris, Laduree...........well, you get the idea! I already feel myself gaining weight as I type this, but I didn't come to Paris to watch what I eat (well, yes, I did, but in a totally different way that I do at home!). I'm just hoping that all the walking we are doing will help keep the extra pounds to a minimum, and if not, oh well, I'll deal with it when I get home.

Well, it looks like another beautiful day today, I'm going to jump in the shower and then wake up my sleeping beauty and see where life will take us today.


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