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Yes, there is such a thing as too much walking in Paris!

Ok, Den thinks I tried to kill him today with all the walking we did (hey, it's the only way I'll get to move to Paris, with insurance $$$). I may have to agree with him that we overdid it a tad today, as I barely staggered back to the apartment without passing out!

As it was a beautifully clear sunny day, we decided to head out towards Eiffel so Den could take some pics. We would decide after which way to go. We took the 69 bus (which has a great route, from Pere Lachaisse Cemetary to the Eiffel Towel). We got off at Champ de Mars and Den took his pictures while I relaxed on the grass. As we walked under the Tower, we couldn't believe the lines of people waiting to enter. I'm sure there was a 3-4 hour wait! We walked across to the Trocadero and Den snapped a whole lot more pictures, from every possible angle (aren't you happy you don't have to see them all!).

Den had wanted to see Bois de Boulogne and when I checked my little L'Indispensable (my Paris bible of maps by arrondissements) it didn't look that far away. We headed down Avenue George Mandel in the 16th and walked down a wide avenue full of leafy trees and very expensive, old apartments. The avenue turned into Henri Martin at one point and I pointed out to Den several apartments that I would be content with. He didn't offer to put down any down payments, unfortunately.

We entered Bois de Boulogne at Porte de la Muette and passed over the Peripherique, the highway that goes around the outskirts of Paris. I have heard that this massive park is not the place to be after dark, but in the middle of the day, it is a beautiful green oasis and was full of people enjoying a very warm spring day. There are several lakes and we were very close to the lac Inferieur (I hope it doesn't get a complexe!). There are rowboats and bikes available to rent and Den took lots of pictures (again!). We had lunch at a small cafe on the opposite side of the lake, splitting a ham baguette, a ham and cheese salad, a plate of fries (more for Den) and a lemonade for Den and a 25cl of rose wine for me (I think my wine cost less than his lemondade ~ I love Paris!) We sat for a little bit and then ambled towards the Porte Dauphine exit, enjoying the quiet and peace and greenery.

I could see on my map that Avenue Foch would take us right to the Arc de Triomphe, so we headed up this very wide and busy avenue, the sunshine streaming down on us with no shade at all. I had to rest a few minutes on a bench, but it just gave Den the chance to take more pictures! There was a huge lineup to go up the Arc but since we had already gone up in the daylight last year, we decided to pass. We will try to come back at dusk (for what else ~ photo opportunities!). We really didn't want to walk down the madness that is the Champs Elysees, at least not in this heat and with this mass of people, so we took Avenue de Friedland, which was much quieter and shadier. It took us to rue de Faubour St Honore and we strolled along this famously rich street, looking at all the luxuries we can never afford, but feeling rich beyond words just for being able to be here sharing this together. We found Place de la Madeleine and went into the Maille store. It was very cool to see all the different mustard and vinegar flavours, but we decided we didn't want to carry anything heavy home with us. We walked towards the Tuilleries, hoping to find a little cafe for a caffein break, but it was not to be, as they all looked way too touristy (read expensive!). We walked down Rivoli across from the Louvre in the sea of humanity and this is where I began to feel like we had bit off a bit too much in our walking. The heat and the mass of people started to get to me, we walked back to rue St Honore to get away from the crowds and the sun, and this worked for a little while, but became a dead end near Les Halles, forcing us back to Rivoli. (for any Cara Black fans, Den took a picture of the detective agency off Rivoli that inspired the location for Aimee Leduc's agency).

We managed to straggle back to the apartment a little after 5pm and I realized just how far we had walked today! It seemed like a good idea at the time, but just about wiped both of us out by the time we made it home. I immediately took an hour nap and woke up feeling much better. After a rejuvenating shower, I sit here sipping a glass of wine and blogging about my day. We are getting ready for our dinner at Spring tonight and I have promised Denis that we will take it much easier tomorrow!

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Megan :

Jo - that picture of the Eiffel tower with the glint at the top is amazing - how did Den capture that ? - it looks like a diamond at the top. I love it, please pass on my awe . He is inspiring me to go and do a photographic course like I have always wanted to - I guess you need to be a natural tho and I am not sure I am !

Hope you caught a cab to the restaurant for dinner

P S Avenue Foch will also take you to a Robert Clergerie shoe shop - you could have treated yourself to a fab new pair of shoes after all that walking

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