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A wonderful dinner at Le Fils des Saisons on Wednesday

We had a wonderful dinner at Le fils des Saisons to end our day. The restaurant is on a tiny street called rue des Fontaines du Temples, almost across the street from Square Temple. There is no sign on the door indicating the name but there is a chalkboard menu in the window.

The restaurant is very intimate, with about 8 tables. Wood beams across the ceiling and stone walls give it a very cozy air. This is a nice place for a quiet dinner, there is no loud music or shouting going on, just a nice refined atmosphere without the stuffiness. I had never heard of this restaurant until we were recommended it by a local we met in another restaurant last week, but when I googled the name, it came up on several Paris sites and blogs and got universally good reviews. It remains off the main radar screen of tourists, but that's OK, that's probably why we were able to get a reservation on 1 day's notice.

We were served a very fresh tomato soup as an ameuse guele . Our charming waitress helped us chose a nice wine to go with our dining choices and served us a spear of 3 little breads, all homemade by the chef/owner. We told her who had recommended we come here and she recognized the name immediately and said that he was a very loyal customer and lived right around the corner.

Den had the home made duck foie gras served warm over sliced sausage in a beautiful cream sauce. I had the St Jacques (scallops) simply and barely sauteed in a butter sauce. Both entrees were delicious, but Den's foie gras was just decadent,a melt in your mouth wonder. We followed up with 7 hour duck confit served with foie gras for me and andouillette for Den. My duck was one of these French classics I dream about when I'm not in Paris! The skin was crispy, the meat was fall off the bone tender and the foie gras on top was like winning the lottery. The chef makes his own foie gras, as well as his bread and even his ice cream. This little place is a real authentic gem with very reasonable prices (36 euros for 3 courses and I think our wine was 24 euros for a very nice red that stood up to the heavy food, sorry, I can't remember the name!) Den loved his andouillette, this was the second time this trip he had ordered this French classic. Dessert was the palette of ice cream for Den and the creme brulee for me. The ice cream is actually served on a plate that looks like an artist's paint palette, with 5 different flavours (and colours, of course) spread out like paint colours. I had 3 little pots of different flavoured creme brulees, which were nice and crisp on top and yummy and smooth inside. Den has a jasmine tea infusion and our total bill was less than 100 euros.

The owner came out to talk to us as we were finishing up our dessert. We chatted about 20 minutes about how we came to be at his place, our love of Paris and our trip so far, Parisians in general, and his love of his restaurant. We were the last ones to leave and we were very happy to have met that well-informed guy last week who so far has steered us to two of the best meals we've had so far!

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