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Friday ~ Warhol, the 7th and a dinner with new friends

We decided we wanted to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Grand Palais on Friday, so we walked over to the FNAC near the Bastille and bought tickets for later that day. We took the metro over to the Grand Palais and got off one exit too early so Denis could take pictures of the Obelisque and fountain at Concorde.

There was no line up at the Grand Palais, so we were able to get in relatively quickly. We spent almost 2 hours looking at the many examples of Andy Warhol's genius and ingenuity. We are not really big art buffs, but it was really cool to see how Warhol changed the concept of art and commercialism. There were so many examples of his pop culture art and we were surprised at how many celebrities, politicians and business bigshots he had access to. We were a little disappointed that we didn't have access to see more of the Grand Palais, but that just gives us another reason to come back next year!

We left the Grand Palais and walked over to the 7th. I wanted to check out Le Florimond to see if we wanted to have our last dinner there tomorrow night. The little restaurant looked very inviting and the menu very interesting, but we were too late for lunch, so we walked back to Blvd Tour Maubourg and had lunch on a terrace of a bistro on the corner of Maubourg and Motte Picquet. Food was what you get when you don't do your homework and settle for location over substance. Den's Veal Moreno was OK, but my moules frites was horrendous, skimpy little mussels in a bucket of dishwater........yuck! Oh well, one bad meal in 17 days and it was my own fault for not having more options chosen beforehand. We walked over to a tiny park across the street called Square Santiago de Chili, right behind Invalides and had a little rest (ok, maybe a little nap) on a bench in the sunshine. We walked a little bit more after our break and took the metro back to our place late in the afternoon. We had dinner reservations with Luc and another member of the OPF board who had flown in from California with her hubby just that morning. Luc had made reservations at Le Zimmer in the 1st at 1 Place de Chatelet. We met Luc outside the restaurant a few minutes before 8pm and Annette and her hubby Darryl joined us a couple of minutes later.

Le Zimmer is a beautiful old fashioned brasserie which has been in operation for over 100 years. We had a lovely table in the back and started with champagne and got to know each other a little better. The internet is such a wonderful thing in its ability to bring different board members from all over the world together. We had a wonderfully leisurely dinner and shared many stores and laughs. Den had a vegetable millefeuille as his appetizer and a Gambas (shrimp) risotto for his main. I had the pate as my starter and a wonderfully moist and delicious salmon steak for dinner. Everyone enjoyed their meals and especially the company and Annette and Darryl were real troopers for staying up so late on their arrival day, after a 10 hour flight and a 9 hour time difference! We all walked over to the nearest bridge and Den took his pictures of the group overlooking the Seine. We said goodnight to our new friends from California and Luc walked us back to our apartment where we hugged and promised to see each other soon. This was the perfect end to another wonderful day in Paris.

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