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Jo & Danielle Paris Adventure ~ Day 2, May 20

We woke up before 7 on Thursday morning and got ready for the Bastille market. Danielle made her first bakery run while I was in the shower and came back with 2 croissants and 2 pain au chocolat, stlll warm from the oven. She also mashed up some fresh strawberries and raspberries with a little sugar and we slathered either butter or cheese and berries on our croissants. YUM!!! A little yogurt, coffee and juice and we were good to go.

We took the bus to the Bastille and spent about 2 hours walking around the market. I had only been on Sunday mornings before and found that there were less food stalls on Thursdays, but there were more vendors selling other things like jewlery, clothes, toys, etc. Danielle got some bangles and rings and I bought us some really cool purse holders that sit on a table top and have a metal ring that folds out and provides a hook to hang your purse on so that you don't have to put it on the floor. We used it several times during our visit and I can't wait to show it to the girls at work tomorrow morning. After a few hours, we slowly made our way over to Place des Voges and had a cafe creme at Cafe Hugo, overlooking the park. We then meandered this way and that through the Marais, stopping anywhere our little hearts desired and just enjoyed being in the sunshine window shopping and people watching. I had hoped to have lunch at l'As du Fallafel but when we got to rue des Rosiers, it was all shuttered up so we decided to walk to Ile St Louis and have lunch on the island. We slowly walked through more little streets in the Marais and even took in the basement at BHV. We walked by Notre Dame but we were both hungry by this time so just enjoyed it from the outside while trying to decide where to eat. We decided on Brasserie Ile St Louis because of the view (I know, I know, but it's my daughter's first time in Paris and sometimes ambiance and views trump food!). We actually had a nice lunch ~ another half liter of rose to split, Danielle had an onion tart with a side salad and I had a shrimp and avocado salad with a yummy creamy dressing. We opted out of lunch because I had another destination in store for us ~ Berthillion! We wandered up the main street of Ile St Louis, stopping in the many little shops until we made our way to the Parisian temple of ice cream! There was almost no line up on this beautiful sunny day and we soon had our bounty in our hands ~ orange chocoate and wild strawberry for me and dark chocolate and rum raisin for Danielle.

We enjoyed our ice cream along the Seine and then walked over to Shakespeare and Company on the left bank. We wandered around this quirky little bookstore for a while and then crossed back over to Ile St Louis. We were both in need of the "facilities" by this time and couldn't find any of the portable potties kindly provided by the city. In desperation, I went into the Hotel Dieu hospital and asked where the nearest washrooms were. The very kind security guard, probably noticing the look of abject panic on my face, said we could use the hospital washrooms next to the lobby. After we were both able to walk properly again, we took a look around and noticed that there was a beautiful courtyard garden right in the middle of the building. Danielle took a few pictures and we resumed our tour of Ile St Louis. Danielle had wanted to see the stained glass windows of Saint Chappelle but there was a very long line up, so we decided to skip it.

We took Pont Neuf back to the right bank and headed towards Daniel Rose's Spring boutique. I wanted to ask if we could make a reservation for his new restaurant for our trip in the fall. Daniel and Marie Aude happened to be outside the boutique and he recognized me from our cooking class last year. His new place is still under construction, much to his frustration, so he couldn't give us a reservation but just told us to e-mail him once we see the place is open and he will make sure to have space for us.

We continued on back towards our apartment through rue de L'abre Sec, the street that the Spring boutique is on. It's full of cute restaurants and cafes and his new restaurant will also be here. The wine tasting place O Chateau is also on the street. We walked through Les Halles back to Montorgeuil trying to decide what to do for dinner. I wanted to go out for supper but Danielle was tired and just wanted to eat in the apartment. We decided to get some roast chicken and potatoes from a chicken place on our street and have it back at our place, along with some of the goodies from this morning's market. After a delicious supper and a nice rest, we started back to Pont Neuf to take the Seine cruise. Danielle was very excited to get her first close up of the Eiffel Tower and we enjoyed the balmy, starry night and the wonderfully typical Parisian sights along the Seine. I pointed out the tango dancers to Danielle on the left bank quai near the Arab Institute and we both enjoyed Notre Dame all lit up. We slowly walked back to our apartment after the cruise, getting back about midnight after a very long day of walking. The bed felt like heaven and we were off to dreamland very soon.

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Danielle :

Hey! The Brasserie on Ile St. Louis is KNOWN for their onion tart, which I ate! lol so It wasn't all about views! Make no apologies! ...though, I didn't know it was known for the onion tart until i read it in a guidebook when I got back, but :P

robin dunlap:

my husband and i are celebrating our 10th anniversary in the same apt. i only saw 2 days of your blog. is there any way i could see the whole thing. i like the way you write and would love to see some of the same place you did. Merci

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