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Jo & Danielle Paris Adventure ~ Day 3, May 21

We got up early since I had booked our online Eiffel Tower entry tickets for 9:30am. After our regular breakfast of croissant, pain au chocolat, yogurt, berries, coffee and juice, we walked to rue Rivoli to take the wonderful #69 bus to Champ de Mars. I love this bus which takes you from Pere Lachaisse to the Bastille, through the Marais, right through the Louvre courtyard, by the D'Orsay museum, across some of the 6th and ends at Champ de Mars. We walked to the tower and were second in line at the reserved access ticket entrance. While waiting for the tower to open, we spoke to a wonderful couple from Nashville about the horrible flooding in their city, their trip to Greece, and their upcoming cruise to Russia. There was no wait for either elevator and we were at the top of the tower in about 10 minutes. Danielle took her pictures and we marvelled at the view until it started to get a bit more crowded and then we went back down to the second level and took more pictures and enjoyed watching a class of very young Parisians (maybe 4 or 5 years old) enjoying a field trip to Paris' most famous monument. We stayed at the tower for about an hour and made sure to mail all of Danielle's postcards from the post office at the foot of the tower to get the Eiffel postmark.

We then made our way across the bridge and to the Palais de Tokyo museum. We had reservations at noon at the very exclusive restaurant on top of the museum, Nomiya. I had been lucky enough to get reservations the week before we left when there were some cancellations for May 21. This is a temporary restaurant that is open for 1 year and has 12 spaces for lunch and 12 for dinner. You can only reserve online and bookings open exactly 1 month before the date you want to go on, at 10am Paris time. We had tried to reserve the month before we left and had no luck, so I was very lucky to happen upon a cancellation.

Our group of 12 was led up to the rooftop where everyone marvelled at the view of the Eiffel Tower directly in front of us. Our charming host popped open a few bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne and we all toasted our good fortune of being able to have lunch at this very special place. We got to know our fellow diners (2 couples from the States and 3 couples from Paris) and everyone was taking lots of pictures of the amazing views. We were served 2 amuses bouches to start with ~ first, kiwi and green fish roe, a very refreshing combination that continued to pop in my mouth for a few minutes after putting it in my mouth. The second amuse bouche was an eggplant caviar topped with a tiny square of haddock ~ pure mouth pleasure. We sat down to begin an amazing meal. Our first course was smoked herring, asparagus, and very thinly sliced daikon radish over a sauce of horseradish and goat cheese. Very fresh, clean tasting and great contrasts in texture and taste. Our main course was sliced veal chops served with a tomato au jus, purreed vanilla bean carrots, little steamed potatoes and a petit pois emulsion. Danielle fell in love with the carrots and later asked the chef how he cooked them ~ he boiled them in milk with vanilla pods and then just purreed them. They were so good, as was the veal, which was fork tender. Nomiya only serves organic wines and we had a wonderful white with the first course and a very different red with the mail course (I'm sorry I can't remember the exact types, this is what happens when I don't blog daily! I think they were both from Sancerre.) Dessert was an Ile Flottant with a strawberry emulsion baked right in the middle of it, sitting on a pool of creme anglaise with candied tarragon, strawberries and a chocolate cigar. We ended the meal with the best expresso I have ever had. The kitchen is adjacent to the table, so you can see the chef cooking and plating throughout the meal and you can go over and watch him work if you wish. Danielle went over and spoke to him while he was preparing our first course and took lots of pictures (which I will have to figure out how to post).

Lunch was a leisurely 3 hour affair and we had a delightful time with our dining companions, who all enjoyed their meal as much as we did. It was a wonderful experience and so much fun to get to know so many different people and share stories and experiences. We really needed to walk off our food (and wine) so I decided we would walk to the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elysees. I know it's touristy, but I wanted to ensure Danielle saw a few of the big sites during our short trip (except for the Eiffel Tower, she was actually not that interested in the other big monuments and just preferred to walk around the little streets, taking in the people and atmosphere of Paris). We admired the Arc from across the street and slowly strolled down the Avenue, stopping in at Laduree for a small box of macarons. We cut across to the Fabourg St Honore so Danielle could see all the designer shops and take pictures for her friends at home. We ended up at the Maille store where we bought many different types of mustards to bring home. We then took the metro home where we ended our 10 hour walking and eating spree with another quiet dinner in the apartment (we may or may not have had mostly macarons for dinner, I'll never tell! )

I promised Danielle that we could sleep in a bit the next day, our last full day in Paris. We have been blessed with perfect weather since we got here and it looks like our luck will continue for the duration of our time here in the city of lights.

I promise I'll work on posting pictures later this week because Danielle took some great pictures of our Nomiya lunch. This was a great experience which I would recommend to anyone. The host said that they are thinking of extending the restaurant opening until September and maybe to the end of the year. I will try to book dinner for Den's 50th birthday on September 29th if it is still open, because this was such a memorable experience and I would love to share it with him.

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Wow, your lunch sounds absolutely wonderful! I surely do hope you post those pictures!

Thanks, Donna

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