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A Rainy Sunday in Le Marais

Sunday morning dawned gloomy and rainy, but no worries ~ we are in Paris. We were all feeling pretty sluggish from our late heavy meal on Saturday night and so we moved very slowly this morning. Breakfast was yougurt and fresh mango and the obligatory pot of coffee. Jo & Luc decided they wanted to take some Velibs out and go exploring. Den and I had planned to go to Bastille market since it was Sunday morning and the market is one of our favourite things to do on a Sunday Morning. We were happy to see that there was a rolling cart in the apartment.(albiet a bright orange one ~ we won't be blending in the the crowd, lol)

We set out at around 11am, the market is only about a 10 minute walk for our apartment. Apparently half of Paris had the same idea since the market was packed with people this morning. We walked about for almost 2 hours, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the market. (well, smells for Denis ~ I literally have no sense of smell, a lack that usually doesn't bother me that much but that is keenly missed in Paris.) We buy some fresh fruit, eggs, cheeses, pancetta and a lovely hard Italian sausage which has fennel in it and is slightly spicy as well, different types of olives, some mushroom spread, tarama, tziki (sp?) and eggplant caviar and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up our apartment.

We walk slowly home, enjoying the spinach and cheese roll we bought (well, actually this is our second one, Den bought one while we were shopping and while I told him I didn't want one, once I tasted it, I ate half of his so we had to go around and buy another on). Yum, Yum, it was deliciously lemony and soft and warm and just hit the right note on a cold day.

Den took a little nap back in the apartment and I tidied up a bit. We waited a little while to see if Jo & Luc might come back, but decided to go back out for a walk around the Marais. We walked all the tiny little street and I scored an Eiffel Tower charm for my Pandora bracelet. I'm been looking for one of these since Jo gave me the bracelet in May for my 50th birthday. We took our time, went into a few vintage shops for fun (saw some beautiful Louis Vuitton sandals, but they were still 300 euros, even pre-owned, lol). It was very moody walking around in the drizzling rain, just Den and I. It was one of those moments that makes me want to live here so badly (I have lots of those moments, unfortunately ~ are you listening, lottery gods!)

We were back home around 5pm and Jo and Luc walked in about 5 minutes behind us. We opened up some wine and talked about our days. They had taken their Velibs to the Opera area and walked around, then made their way slowly back through St Germain de Pres and the Latin Quarter. We took out some of our market bounty and made dinner out of our spreads, some tasty olives, cheeses, bread and chocolate! Den made a delicious little appetizer of warm dates with blue cheese on them ~ very good.

The Stangs decided they wanted to go back out and walk around some more, but we were all cozy warm in the apartment so we passed. I started a novel that was in the apartment (there are loads of great guide books on Paris, magazines, novels etc) and Den played on his iPad. Stangs were back about 90 minutes later and we all called it a night. I was happy with an early evening in to recharge my batteries for the days coming up.

Jo and Luc leave for Le Mans, Mont MIchel and Normandy today. They are renting a car and just going for a drive, stopping where they feel like and making it an overnighter. Den and I have reservations at La Regalade St Honoure tonight and I think we may take the metro to La Defense and just walk around. I've never been to this area but have seen great pictures of the very different sculptures that surround it (thanks Annette!) and we've wanted to explore it since. It will be cool to see the big Defense building. After that, we'll see where our day takes us.

Den is off in the early morning taking his beloved pictures and Jo has gone for a run. Luc is playing on his iPad and I am off to make coffee and get pain au chocolat.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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