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Baguettes, massages and chocolates!

Well, today certainly was a different kind of day in Paris! We weren't sure where we would end up, but Den wanted to make sure we made it back to Denise Acabo's A L'Etoile D'or in the 9th at some point. We decided to take the metro to the Barbes Rochechouart stop and see where we ended up. We walked up rue de Turenne and across Bretagne and Reaumur to the Reaumur Sebastopol stop so we wouldn't have to transfer lines. We stopped at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers on the way, admiring the architecture of the old school buildings and enjoying a neighbourhood we hadn't seen yet. We experienced a bit of a culture shock when we got off at Barbes Rouchechouart. I guess this area is home to many African immigrants and the sights and smells were different and wonderful to our senses. We walked down Boul de Rochechourt and enjoyed the many stores and food offerings along the way. We turned down rue des Martyrs and had some baguette sandwiches stuffed with ham and cheese and the wonderful, ubiquitous Parisian butter that just makes you go "ahhhhh". This was lunch on the go and it was just perfect! We walked over to the cremerie on rue de Rouchechouart that Daniel Rose had told us about last year when we were having fits over his seaweed butter to try and get some, but it is only available on Wednesdays. This happened last year too, we are always a day too early or too late!

We decided to walk back down rue Mauberge towards rue Blanche to go visit Denise's temple of chocolat. We happened upon a tiny little massage place callled Le Lotus de Jade which has a special on for 60 minute massages for 35 euros. One of the tiny Asian women saw us looking at their window and came out to hand us a flyer and told us they could take us both right now if we wanted. This was the furthest thing on our minds this morning, but we both looked at each other and thought, why not! Den and I go for regular massages due to his generous benefits package at Kraft and we really enjoy them. We have been walking so much in Paris that we thought this would be a welcome break to our routine and it was! Their technique was very different from the massages we get in Canada but it was sooooooooo good! We left relaxed and ready to conquer the world.........well, conquer Paris, anyways!

We explored a bit more of the 9th, including rue Vicent Masse which is full of guitar and music stores. We got some guitar picks for our son and took pictures of a beautiful stained glass mural housing a private apartment building. We made our way to A L'Etoile D'or, Denise Acabo's temple of all things chocolate. We were here last year and Den had vowed to come back. Denise is a 60 something lady who dresses in schoolgirl checkered skirts and wears pigtails and is the very picture of someone who truly loves what she does. She only sells what she loves and the offerings in her store are the very best chocolates and sweets money can buy. We spend almost 50 euros on her decadent offerings and feel priviledged to be able to do so. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her happiness at what she does is shared by everyone who enters her domain.

We then decided to explore the little streets of Montmartre, staying far away from touristy Place du Tretre. We had cafe creme at a place in front of Square J RIctus with an awesome view of Paris down below. We wandered the streets and alleys of Montmartre for over an hour, finding Square Dalida, Le Moulin des Galettes and the Man coming out of the Wall among other treasures.

We took the metro home from Lamark Caulincourt (btw, I love the RATP Metro app for the iPhone ~ you just plug in where you are and where you want to go and it tells you how to do it, no internet required!) We stopped at the Monoprix for some provisions so we could have a quiet dinner at home and wait for the Stangs' arrival back from Normandy. Our landlord was at the apartment when we came back, fixing some minor issues in our bathroom and we invited him to sit down and have a beer with us. We chatted for over an hour and got to know him better. He's a really nice guy who's very busy raising 2 little kids with his wife which explains why the apartment is not as well kept as it could be. No matter, we actually have come to love it and would happily rent it again.

Once David left us, we made dinner from some charcuterie, cheese, spreads, baguettes and olives along with a wonderful bottle of white wine. Dessert was a few of Denise's sublime chocolates. Our friends should be home in an hour or so and we may or may not go out to begin an early celebration of Den's 50th birthday.

Tomorrow should be fantastic ~ we have dinner reservations at La Grande Cascade for Den's 50th and we may do the Canal St Martin cruise in the morning if it's a nice day. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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