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La Defense and all those stores we can't afford!

After a breakfast of pain au chocolat, yogurt and strawberries, we bid adieu to the Stangs for a few days. They are off to explore Normandy and visit LeMans and Mont St Michel.

Den and I decided to take the metro to La Defense and see a completely different side of Paris. La Grande Arche is certainly grande. The area is surrounded by huge glass buildings and houses many head offices of large French corporations. There are large modern sculptures all over the huge concrete expanse in the center of the buildings. You can see both the Arch de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in the distance to remind you that you are still in Paris.

We went in to the big shopping center right next to La Defense but it was just like any other shopping center in any other big city, so we didn't stay very long. We took the metro to Concorde and went in search of lunch, which we found on rue Cambon right across from the Chanel store. It was a tiny little cafe called Chambolle Cafe with a round bar in the front and exposed brick walls and small tables along one side. Den had a nice bowl of onion soup and a grilled andouillette with fries. I had a delicious salad with foie gras, cured duck magret and roasted pine nuts. 2 glasses of bordeaux seemed to disappear very easily and Den had a beer. We ended with 2 expressos and off we went in search of the Maille store for some Aioli mustard for Den. We found it and stocked up, along with some balsamic vinegar and some orange pistachio mustard. We then walked slowly along rue Saint Honore, engaging in the French custom of leche vitrine (window licking!), looking into all the expensive designer store windows but not daring to go in. We made our way to G Detou, a food place on rue Tiquitonne near Montorgeuil that Den had wanted to go to after reading about it on David Lebovtiz (the Leib)'s blog. We didn't buy anything because we were already carrying too much stuff between the mustards and a bottle of wine we picked up at a very cool wine store near Madeleine.

We ambled home through rue St Denis, looking at the massage parlours and sex shops with a smile. We were starting to get a little tired by this time since we had been walking about 6 hours. We were back in the apartment a little after 5pm and Den took a little snooze while I downloaded our pictures and did a little laundry (we have a separate washer and dryer, a very rare thing in Paris!).

We have reservations at La Regalade St Honore tonight at 8pm which I'm really looking forward to. Time to get ready and go have another wonderful meal in Paris!

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