July 16, 2014

Volcanoes, Coffee, and Temples

A trip around Bali had us driving up to see a volcano through very pretty jungle areas and past the famous rice terraces (it was raining so we visited those from the car). We had lunch overlooking the volcano, which was pretty but the food sad (should never do a buffet when there are that many tourists). Still, just as in Costa Rica, it’s all about the view from these places.


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July 15, 2014

Jimbaran -- Bali

On one of our outings we went to the seafood market in Jimbaran which is south of Kuta on the west side. It’s in a lovely bay with whiter sand than we are seeing in other places and the water was almost turquoise but the waves were really large. Too intense to swim for sure. The sand though was nicer and softer. In Sanur it’s OK but right at the water’s edge it becomes very squishy with this unpleasant sinking feeling (above ankles) that is hard to walk in. I haven’t experienced sand quite like it before – it’s like soft mud but yet quite large, round grains of sand.


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July 14, 2014


We just spent two weeks in Bali and overall enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t work hard to come back. The people are lovely; kind, gentle and very talented musicians and artists. The culture is interesting and the temples and architecture fascinating. I had higher hopes for the beaches, which were pretty, but nothing amazing. The reef sits just off shore and that was neat to see as the waves crash out there encircling Bali. Reminded me of the desert island books where they can never get across the reef in rafts!


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June 27, 2014

Halong Bay


We broke up our 8 days in Hanoi with a trip to Halong Bay, which is to the east. There is a new road to the coast so the drive was only 3.5 hours. There we boarded our small boat to ferry across to the junk.


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June 21, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot, Hanoi!

Last New Year when we were in Saigon we had to skip going up to Hanoi as it was too cold and we don’t have the clothing (living in Dubai does that to you). So we wanted to come this summer but now I wish we could have come a couple of months ago. It is HOT here. High 90s plus 80% plus humidity. It’s cloudy though so you don’t realize it is so hot until you’ve walked for about 10 minutes and suddenly realize your entire body/hair and clothing are soaked. We are perpetually sweaty – isn’t that a fun picture of our family!


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