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Found: An Apartment in Rome

I finally found an apartment in Rome. And I am very excited to say that it is right near my favorite spot - Campo de Fiori. It is on Via dei Cappellari which is the same street we stayed on during our 2001 trip. There is (or was) a great little restaurant a couple doors down from where we stayed that time called Lucifer's. One evening we were lingering outside the restaurant looking at the menu trying to decide whether to eat there or not. The menu was only in Italian (usually a good sign) so I had my pocket food dictionary out and was looking up a couple of the descriptions. A priest walked up and started looking at the menu also and he asked us in English he could help translate anything for us. Well, we got to talking - turned out he was from the U.S. but was living in Rome for a while and he was checking out this restaurant to see if he should take some friends there the following night. We all agreed that the menu looked very good and interestingly enough they specialized in fondue. We decided to eat there that evening and the priest decided that he would in fact bring his friends to Lucifer's the following night. So as he was leaving, Steve asked him with a smile "But it doesn't bother you to eat at place called Lucifer's?" And the priest laughed and said "No, not at all, maybe they need me there!"

The following night we tried to stop by to say hello, but we didn't make it back in time. We ate a restaurant that the priest had recommended in Trastevere - Ristorante Alle Fratte di Trastevere - and it was quite good. I can remember some very good crostini and eating the only all arugula salad I had on the trip. With the possible exception of a Salad Caprese, my favorite salad would be one that arugula features prominently in.

So I am looking forward to being on Via dei Cappellari and hopefully eating another meal at Lucifer's. We had a great meal there on that first trip, but for whatevere reason we didn't try their fondue, so I've felt that I needed to go back. On the last trip we tried to interest my parents into going there one night, but they picked Trattoria der Pallaro, which was a couple doors down from where we were staying on that trip. Great choice. We had one of those fantastic multi course meals where you don't order off a menu they just bring you one delicious course after the next.

We will be in Rome for at least four nights, possibly five or six, depending on when we arrive. The hardest part will be trying to figure out where to eat each evening - so many old favorites and so many more new ones that I want to try.

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