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Getting Ready

This is my first attempt at keeping a blog. After reading them (and about them) on the Slow Travel website, I decided that I needed to just dive in and do it. This blog is meant to document our trip to Italy this spring. It will be our 4th trip to Italy and our 2nd visit to Paris. Our last trip was a year and a half ago and we spent a week in Tuscany, a week in Sicily, a couple days in Verona, a couple days in Florence and 4 days in Rome. A great trip, but we were already planning our next trip on the flight home.... just can't seem to get enough of Italy.

This trip we wanted to go back to Tuscany and see more of it and also be there at a different time of year. We've always gone in the fall and this time we wanted to experience the spring.... I love gardens and flowers! We also definitely wanted to get back to the Italian Riviera. We loved Cinque Terre and stayed in Vernazza a couple times (one of which was 9/11/2001, which was pretty unforgetable). It was tough to just pick a few places to go. I always want to go back to every place we've ever been AND add a bunch of new places. But with just a little over 3 weeks, we had to narrow it down. We sort of tacked on the last 4 nights in Paris because my friend, Harriet, will be there celebrating her birthday and we want to get in on the fun. And really, who even needs an excuse to go to Paris?

So, tomorrow it will be exactly one month until we go. I still have tons left to do but the trip does seem real now. The semi-official itinerary:

May 16 - fly to Rome
May 17 - arrive in Rome, stay 4 nights
May 21 - pick up rental car and drive to Tuscany stopping at Villa Lante along the way
May 21 - 28 - a week at Sant' Antonio
May 28 - drive to Lucca, drop car and stay in Lucca 3 nights at Al Toscano
May 31 - train to Camogli - stay 4 nights (not sure where yet)
June 4 - train to Milan, stay one night at Hotel Demidoff
June 5 - fly from Milan, Linate to Paris, Orly - stay in Paris 4 nights
June 9 - fly home

So the things left to agonize over are where to or if to book something in Rome and also where to stay in Camogli. I also need to book the rental car and decide which office in Rome to pick it up at. Driving out of Rome will be a challenge, but I think we can do it.

I think the thing that I like about this itinerary is that we get to revisit Rome, Tuscany, the Italian Riviera but we're staying in some different places. There's lots of new things to see.... Lucca, Camogli, day trips to the Tarot Garden, Villa Lante and I'm sure I'll find all sorts of new places that I'll want to see in Tuscany - from monasteries and hilltowns to gardens and wineries. I'm looking forward to it all. Let the countdown begin!

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