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Less Than One Week To Go

It's pre-vacation jitters time... that sinking feeling in your stomach that you've forgotten something terribly important. Even watching the fish in my lovely little pond this morning didn't really calm me. It's Tuesday and they are mating again. This is the third time, but there have been no signs of any of the eggs hatching. There are five fish total (we started out with several more, but that's a long sad story that I won't go into now) - they are named after cities in Italy. Firenze (all orange), Venezia (orange with striking black streaks), Siena (all silver), Verona (orange/red and white) and Lucca (the little yellow/orange one). Apparently Firenze is the female - she gets vigorously chased by Verona and Venezia during these Tuesday morning mating scenes. I guess Siena and Lucca are too young to take part. If any eggs survive, which seems unlikely given their predilection for eating them all up, they could be any combination of orange with white or black markings.

Other than watching the fish, the only thing I can think of to calm me is to make lists of things to do and things to pack and start checking things off. There are still so many little things left to do. But probably the most important at this point is to go over all the confirmations and print them out to take with me. And then to develop my packing list. It's not so much the clothes, it's all the other little things that I have trouble with. I take so few clothes that I know I'm not going to forget something major (although one year I forgot to bring a bathing suit, which was a pain, because that's really not something you want shop for anywhere, even Italy!).

I need to spend a little time going over the camcorder and figuring out what I need to bring for that.... how many tapes? extra lens filter? should I invest in a spare battery? This will be the first time we bring a video camera on a big trip. I debated over whether this would be a good idea. But the thought of putting together something in iMovie did sound appealing - I've been using it alot more lately. So, let's see. It could be a fun thing to have. Italian neo-realism here I come!

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