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A Day with Georgia


I spent a lovely day with Georgia, the daughter of my dear friend. Georgia is almost five and, in fact, her birthday is one day after my own. I tried telling her that that made me one day older than she was, but I don't think she bought it. She's a very clever little girl, but she did learn about at least one thing during her day with me.

Ants on a Log
I don't have a lot of kid friendly recipes up my sleeve, so when I thought about what to make Georgia for lunch, I thought I would do at least one thing that was familiar — ants on a log. Hasn't everyone had this childhood favorite of celery with peanut butter inside the groove and topped with raisins? Well, apparently I was the lucky one to introduce this delicacy to Georgia. First I had her guess what the ingredients were. I told her about the peanut butter, she was able to guess the raisins, but the celery was something new to her. She liked the way it crunched and was actually quite happy to eat the celery by itself before I was able to add the other ingredients. But once she tried the completed dish, she was sold. She thought it was the best part of our lunch.

So, not that it really requires a recipe, but if you really want the technique, here goes:

Several ribs of celery, trimmed in 5 inch or so lengths
Peanut butter

1. Fill the groove neatly with the peanut butter. Top with raisins set in a row. Serve.

I didn't get a good picture of the finished pieces, but you can see one on this shot of our lunch plate:


The anticlimactic rest of the lunch consisted of a lovely chicken salad with red grapes and pecans served in a radicchio cup, as well as a colorful cabbage slaw of red cabbage, carrots, scallions, apple and sunflower seeds.

Dessert was a hit, though. We made fresh peach ice cream with some tiny Nutella panini along the side. While we ate dessert we watched Georgia's favorite movie, Barbie Mermaidia which, as Netflix describes, is "an enchanting undersea adventure in this animated follow-up to Fairytopia." So, I guess I learned quite a few things about fairies and little girls from my day spent with Georgia. And I'm looking forward to the next time I see her.

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