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In this blog I hope to venture in and out of the garden as I write about food, travel and, of course, my garden itself.

I love to cook and have years of experience as a completely self-taught, fully amateur cook for family and friends, or as I like to call them, the ever willing victims of my experiments. My cooking has been influenced by several trips to Italy, several stints with vegetarianism and an addiction to television cooking shows stemming back to my childhood when Julia Child’s “The French Chef” aired on the same station as Sesame Street.

I recently joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at Fairview Gardens. It is a simple but brilliant concept. Consumers pay upfront for a portion of the harvest. Each week I pick up an assortment of organic, freshly picked, seasonal fruits and vegetables. It varies each week and the surprise of it all has really influenced the way I cook and eat. I’m looking forward to sharing the recipes and ideas that the CSA experience has given me in this blog. And I encourage you to seek out the CSAs in your area and consider joining one.

As for my own little garden, it has felt a little neglected since I’m enjoying Fairview Garden tomatoes instead of planting my own this year. But my herb bed is thriving and the grapes are filling in the arbor, so it is still my favorite refuge and outdoor room. So, in or out of the garden, let the blog begin.

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That is a gorgeous photo at the top of your blog!! Nice one in the sidebar too - :)


Krista -

I love gardening, traveling, and cooking, too, so I will avidly be following your blog.

Happy writing! - Terry


Your garden looks beautiful, and I also wondered where you are. I finally Googled Fairview Farms, which you mention having joined, and learned that they are in Goleta, California, so I assume you are somewhere in that vicinity?



Pauline, thanks for the compliment on the photos. Of course they only look good because of the wonderful template you designed!

Terry, thanks for following along with me, I'm looking forward to the adventure.

Donna, you're right I am just south of Goleta in Santa Barbara. And after reading your comment I realized I should have linked to Fairview Gardens. I've added it to the sidebar. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you continue to follow along.

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