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Our Grape Harvest


We planted grapes two years ago and this year we actually got a little harvest. It wasn't much (we managed to eat them all in one sitting), but they were delicious and they looked pretty on the little fish shaped platter that I found in Taormina a few years ago.

We have four grape vines, each a different variety and each planted at one pillar of the gazebo. The two that are planted on the north side are a bit stunted and have not produced fruit, probably they will never get quite enough sun. The one on the southwest corner is a Flame Seedless and though it produced a decent amount of foliage, it only produced one cluster of grapes this year.

On the southeast corner we planted a Himrod, and it was our winner. We picked this small plateful of grapes and there are still a number of clusters on the vine. Though the grapes are small, they are seedless and the flavor is excellent — very sweet and delicious. It may not be a vineyard, but we are content with our grape harvest.

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