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Beyond Amsterdam

We expanded our boundaries with a day trip to the Kröller-Müller Museum and the De Hoge Veluwe National Park. The owner of the apartment suggested that we see this museum and park and what a good piece of advice that was. Though it took a little bit of effort to get there, it was one of the best museums we’ve seen and the park was a fantastic experience.

If you have a car, then this will be a pretty straightforward daytrip. But we managed to do it all with public transportation, so though a tad complicated, it can be done. First we walked to the central train station where we got tickets to Ede-Wageningen. It was about an hour long train ride and the trains run every half hour (about 35 euro for the two of us). Then we wandered around the station looking for the bus to take us to the town nearest the museum. The buses run every hour and, naturally, we had just missed it.

Luckily a lovely young woman approached us and made us a proposition. She was trying to get to the park to meet up with friends who were running a half marathon and she suggested that we split a taxi so we could all get there sooner. We took her up on the idea and the taxi dropped us right off at the entrance to the park (30 euro). There was a short wait for tickets (a sunny Sunday is a popular day at the park), but the time went by quickly as we chatted away with our new friend, Annet.

Once we got our tickets (a combo park and museum ticket is 14 euro) we were able to pick up one of the zillions of white bicycles that are available for people to ride in the park. You see, the park is about 13,000 acres and the museum about 2 kilometers from the entrance we came in. The bikes are a brilliant idea. You get to ride through beautiful trees and vast open spaces on well maintained bike paths. Where the path branched off to go to the museum we said good-bye to Annet and we hope her friends did well in the marathon.


At the museum you are greeted by some incredible sculptures (and that is only the tip of iceberg). We started off by having a quick lunch in the museum cafe, which was very good and reasonably priced. Then we started looking at art.

If you are an art lover, you will feel like you have struck gold. This is really an amazing collection. There are over 80 paintings by Van Gogh along with rooms full of Mondrian, a room full of cubist paintings by Picasso, Bracque, Juan Gris and numerous other incredible pieces by Renoir, Seurat, Leger and so many others. Then there’s the sculpture.


In addition to some great pieces in the museum, there is a huge, and I mean huge, sculpture garden. You could spend a day just looking at all these great pieces. Unfortunately we had a bus to catch, so eventually we had to leave.

Our journey back consisted of a bike ride to the entrance, about a mile walk to the town of Otterlo (which is very charming, by the way), a bus ride to Ede-Wageningen and then a train ride back to Amsterdam. We stopped for some hot chocolate on the walk back to the apartment and then a little bit later on went out to dinner.

We went to a Spanish restaurant called Paso Doble, which was excellent. We had a mixture of tapas: tortilla, basket of bread with garlic sauce, meatballs in spicy tomato sauce and grilled prawns. I had a glass of the house red wine and Steve had a margarita. The perfect ending to a full day.

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