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What’s Blooming?


What’s blooming in January? It should be a pretty dormant month in the garden, but I'm finding that there is more blooming in January than there was last fall. I picked these double pink camellias and floated them in a bowl for my dining table centerpiece. Then I walked around the garden with a camera, and I was surprised by the number of things that were flowering. I know Santa Barbara is known for it's mild climate and year round growing conditions, but I remember past winters when my garden looked a little bleak. I guess, as my garden has matured, some of the plants have extended their blooming season. Perhaps my strategy of benign neglect is paying off!

Here are a few more things that are blooming in my garden right now:


The orange trees are blooming.


These are the blooms of the Pink Powder Puff tree (Calliandra surinamensis)

More photos in the extended entry...


This is Salvia lanceolata, which is evergreen and blooms in my garden nearly year round.

This is a variety of spirea. It was in the garden when we bought the house. My guess is that it is Spiraea cantoniensis.


This is Coleonema pulchellum - Pink Breath of Heaven


You can always count on blooms from Lavatera maritima - Tree mallow


This is a Pelargonium cordifolium - Heartleaf Geranium, an unusual pelargonium in that it's about 5 feet tall.


And here is the humble jade plant (Crassula ovata), that every old garden in California seems to have in a forgotten corner.

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Krista, your garden is lovely. I've enjoyed looking through it this evening. :)

Mine is hot and a bit dried out - I still have a few roses to look at though.

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