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A Rat on a Cat on a Dog


The other day while I was walking on State Street here in downtown Santa Barbara I happened to see some of our local celebrities. I've seen them around before, but this time I happened to have my camera. Yes, the photo above is a rat balanced on a cat who is sitting on a dog. I did not do anything fancy in Photoshop. This trio and their owner, Greg Pike, have been a popular fixture downtown. The cat's name is Kitty, the rat's name is Mousie and the dog's name is Booger. Here's a closer shot of Mousie on Kitty.


And for the complete story, check out this video:

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That is so cool! Kitty has such a soulful face.


My husband just passed by these cuties on his lunch hour today. I wish our kids behaved as well.


Wow, that is really cool. I have a cute photo of our cat and hampster curled up together, but have never seen anything like this!

Krista - that was SO good! Thank you for that. :)

This is a great photo - these critters really are wonderful local celebrities. We didn't know about these guys when we were in santa Barbara last spring. You have to love the names as well! *smile*

The guy that trained these animals must be something.



I love the photos!! They are all so cute!

I'm glad everyone is getting a kick out this trio. They really are cute.

Jerry, I don't think Greg was in Santa Barbara last spring. I first heard about him last fall. So, now you have another reason to come back to Santa Barbara!

And I happened to see these guys yesterday when I was in town after the Farmer's Market. I talked to Greg a little and he said he is looking for a rental that is not too expensive and that will take animals - very well trained animals I think we can add. He has been staying at a motel and it is getting too expensive. So anyone in SB who hears of something, should let him know. If you don't know where to find him (usually on State St near Paseo Nuevo), let me know. Sounds like he really wants to stay in SB for a little while.

I showed your photos and the video to my nephews this weekend (they are ages 5 and 7) and they loved it! Then the 5-year old said that he'd like to have a pet rat, which wasn't exactly what I was going for. :)

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