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A Visit to the Cheese Shop


My next stop yesterday after the Farmers Market was to my favorite cheese shop—C'est Cheese. I was there to buy some cheese for a dessert cheese platter for a dinner party we were going to that night. One of the owners helped me pick out a trio of delicious and complementary cheeses. So, with descriptions from the C'est Cheese website, here are the three that I ended up with:

1. Hoch Ybrig from Switzerland
An excellent cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland that is washed in white wine. It is very creamy, with a softer texture than Gruyere. The flavor is creamy, nutty, and slightly intense. A must try for those who like a cheese with a lot of body and like em’ nutty.

2. Stilton from England
A fantastic rich and creamy blue from our friends at Neal's Dairy Yard in England, with just as much complexity as any other great blue. Flavors of honey, leather and molasses. Not bland like the grocery store version, this cheese is rich and intense.

3. Mt. Tam from California
As triple creme cheeses go, this is an incredible cheese. Made in Northern California by Cowgirl Creamery, it’s a deliciously rich cow’s milk cheese, with a buttery finish and slight tanginess in the finish. Just won best soft-ripened cheese from the ACS!

To round off my cheese platter I added some fresh lemon flavored Quark that I bought at the farmers market. I also bought a tiny basket of delicious raspberries and some candied spicy walnuts. So, even, though a couple of the cheeses on my platter traveled a great distance, I think I balanced it out with some local selections. And, most important of all, everything was delicious.

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WOW - this is my kind of shop. It is official - we will have to return to Santa Barbara. I can't believe all that we missed (I guess that is what happens on road trips as compared to slow travel).

Jerry, you would love C'est Cheese - they even do classes. You just let me know when you're coming to SB and I'll make sure you don't miss anything!

STILTON I'm going to die. I love stilton.

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