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Curry Plant


I have an interesting herb in my garden called Helichrysum angustifolium or Curry Plant. It's not the origin of what is commonly called curry (which is actually made up of a number of different spices). Instead it's an herb which smells more like curry than it tastes. It is edible, though, and I hear it is sometimes added to cream cheese sandwiches and salads in Great Britain. I just may have to try that at my next afternoon tea party. In the meantime it is a very pretty plant in my garden, and I love trimming it. Anytime you brush up against it or start pruning, the smell takes you away on an exotic Indian escapade. That is reason enough to have it in a garden.

A couple notes, if you're interested in growing it:
- it likes full sun to partial shade
- it needs good drainage and normal water for best effect
- USDA hardiness zone 5
- it can get to be about 2-3 feet tall and wide and blooms in the summer
- scroll to the bottom of this entry to see a picture of it in my garden

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I envy you your garden. With our winters so few herbs survive to come up again. Of course, I never think to bring them inside! ARGH

That looks like rosemary

Angie, it does look like rosemary, but the leaves are grayer and not as stiff as rosemary. They are actually soft and it's nice to run your hands through the plant - and then you smell like curry for a little while...

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